Summer Catalog - Barbee \ Welinder Reissues

Dear Powell, To save your customers and you from the "They didn't make enough & the we made too many and now they are sitting around" problem. I do believe a prebook like SC just did in the image below is a smart way to go. You are able to gauge demand up front and everyone that wants one pays up front and gets one or two or three. You may already have these in production for the purposed Aug release but throwing a prebook out there would sure be awesome thing to do in some of your customers eyes.

Thanks for listening .... if anyone from powell is actually reading these forums.




  • Is the barbie pink or red? I can't tell
  • Powell doesn't need to gauge demand.  They make their own decks, in their own factory, and control the supply.  

    Santa Cruz has to gauge because they don't make their own decks, the Chinese do, and therefore they will suck.  

  • I would say Powell do need to gauge demand. Have you seen how long it has taken them to get rid of most of the Brigade Pig reissues? Way overestimated the size of each run they made.
  • Pre order would be nice .. rare for here, but nice.
    Its the great shops like calsk8 that make things easy for people.

    Anyone asked Kam if they will do pre orders?
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    I think Paul kinda summed up the point I was trying to make... 1200 Welinder reissues a few years back didn't fit the demand.... 10,000 pig shaped decks was a little off the mark. I'm not questioning the quality of Powell I would just like to get a few before all the eBay lurkers go nuts on some limited run crap.

    Anyway.. Doc you got a good idea, I've never dealt with Kam but if someone has an email or contact for him its worth a shot. Isn't it Howard at calsk8 you've mentioned?

    I grabbed the pic from skullandbones forum... Someone there tweaked the colors a bit
  • He said he'd let us know,regarding our Christmas presents anyhow
  • It'll be good to get a preorder down. Like Mudslinger says, slows down the deck slinging dicks on Ebay.
  • Thanks all.  I will add them to the web site once I can confirm part#'s and pricing and release date.  we are shooting to start taking pre orders on any limited decks around 2 weeks prior to it's release.  this way we do not sit on anyone's money for too long.  Just as always, our production run will depend on how many were okayed for manufacturing.  for the Bones Brigade reissues, we had an okay to run 2500 of each, so we did.  And all the Hawks sold out quickly.  For the Welinder and Barbee I do not know how many were okayed.  I will put in the numbers once I get the product on the site.  Thanks for your patience, we appreciate all your ideas and support.
  • Sick, thanks for the info!
  • Awsome, I'm at a loss for words and completely stoked... Thanks for the info chin
  • (reserving this spot for later)
  • Another Welinder reissue?

    How was this information uncovered?

    Will it definitely be Green? Release date?

    Where did that picture come from?
  • Stoked we get to preorder! Hanging for a better shot of the colourways.

  • I wish they would re-ish the Barbee hydrant, the tarro cards OG's are everywhere...
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    Is the hydrant deck the same shape and dimensions as the tarot card deck?

    photo PhotoGrid_1403614741321_zpsqv3chks5.jpg
    Oh and thanks once again Bill.. The how to post pictures 2.0 thread was the trick for posting pics from my android phone
  • Nice, looks like I will get a Per Welinder to ride again! 
  • Really hope the color is close to the original neon green.
  • We've seen green a few times over the years in reissues - the Skull and Vallely gee-gaws, and the recent Cab brigade come to mind. I'd wager they won't mix it up and go with this darker looking color, but with what we've seen already. Which would be fine with me...

    Brace yourselves though, it was a mini-sized shape last go-round.
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    skus for a blue Steadham & green Cab dragon are on the site, no pics tho
  • G'day people. I'm new here. I like the look of the Barbee
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    Welcome WakeIn .. that picto reshape looks good

    Looks like the skus for the new Steadham & green Cab mimic previous shape, concave etc. I did notice though in the details for each deck is says "SP3" so we could see a slightly different concave with these two new releases. Also ... and this is just reading into stuff too much.. the description of the Steadham being teal leads me to believe that green Welinder won't be as dark as it is in the first crappy pic.
  • Pics are up for the Steadham and Cab... Forest green ...hummm
  • Will the Cab be a full green dip? Or the black dip with green transfer on the bottom?
  • Its got that army feel to it.
    Not really floating my boat.. & when I say boat, I mean its a boat. Underwear is an issue for me  :p
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