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  • yea it is kind of ugly
  • I suspect a real pic of one & it might look a little better.
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    Why make a Welinder in forest green? Am I missing something? Who's in their design department, Stevie Wonder? You're reissuing a skateboard to emulate the original and you change the awesome original 80's lime green color which we know Powell has on hand ie. LMFP, Cab and numerous reissues. Let's pray that forest green is a bad photo and it's really is lime green when it hits the streets. Powell needs to listen to their customers. Powell if it ain't broke don't fix it. The forest green color scheme is fugly!
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    the welinder is brighter green the new cab is forest green
  • That new cab looks shithouse, whats with the army theme?
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    lol maybe for skating in the woods at night jk
  • stevie wonder lol .. I cant say Ive seen one good comment on the green colour.

    maybe army rangers are using skateboards in attack mode?
  • Maybe a heap of colour green left from the ban this cab
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    Brigade Bill, do you have info we don't because the Welinder I'm seeing is a dark green not neon green. The image you're seeing above has been tweaked from the original to make it more neon. The original image posted on twitter of the new Welinder is pretty much forest green. I hope you're right and it matches the 80's OG version which we know is a lime/neon green.
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    image this is the original photo it looks to have been taken with a cell phone so maybe it will be a different green but who knows until it is up on the site they change things at the last second....but forest/army green would be what the new green cab is so id consider the per deck a evergreen color
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    Let's hope it's just a bad photo, fingers crossed. I guess I'm not understanding Powell on this one. They're keeping the OG shape and keeping the exact OG graphic yet changing the OG color? I think I can speak for most nostalgic collectors, we're purists and want the reissue to look as close to the original as possible. Looks to me like they're moving in a different direction as of late with their color choices etc. In my mind if that's the case don't tamper with the classic graphics, shapes and COLORS and calling them reissues. They're trying to capture a particular audience, but completely fumbling the ball. Why try and reinvent the wheel here. It really isn't rocket science.
  • be thankful it isnt something like brown or pink lol
  • ...or that butt ugly tie dye.

    I don't mind that slightly darker green on the welinder, but hope it's like the first BB issue future primitive. Still my fave of all the reissues that have come out
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    Actually I would love a hot pink Welinder. Again I'm a purist and that was an original 80's color which now commands a hefty price. Neon green, hot pink, I'm sorry that was the 80's which these decks are trying to emulate. Maybe I'm in the minority and people want modern colors on old decks, but to me that defeats the purpose of a reissue. If it's lime/neon green I'm definitely buying, but if not this will be a pass. Vote with your dollars.
  • I agree jeeprider when it comes to reproducing an 80's classic keep that shit original... I rocked all that neon florescent shit back then so it makes sense to have the reissues as true as possible
  • They'll be color correct.
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    Hey  Billy, what about the concave? Will it be like the last 2 Barbee, Weilender re-issues or will they have more modern (deeper) concave and a kick nose?  If I remember correctly.. the last run of that Barbee back in the day (with those graphics) had a kick nose (Circa 1990)
  • I'd have to check, but the last 2 barber's were done in 2008 I think? Death angel and the sock, think they were both on K15's but I'd have to check and make sure. Almost positive that the death angel was, but not sure with the sock.

    The welinder was on a sp2/3 I think, but again, I need to double check. That was 2010 I believe.
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    Keep the concave/shape to the original specs and keep the color original. If you want a modern deck with a more modern concave and a modern kicktail buy a new board not a "reissue". There are 1000 of decks to choose from. If you change the shape and color than it's no longer a Barbee or a Welinder. Again are people/Powell missing the point of a reissue...?
  • The blue Welinder with money bumps was definitely not a spoon nose concave. It has a small but deep kicknose.
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    I don't believe any of the reissues up to this date are to the original specs, whether it be colours, graphics, concave, wood quality, shapes, top deck graphics, and even to the point of the word reissue being quite clearly printed on it. This makes the original product from the 80's much more valuable. I have a mcgill pig reissue from 2005 with the eyes correct, but according to the Sean Cliver's AoS article about top deck graphics, the dragon is all wrong. my vallely reissue only says Powell!
  • But by my comments I don't believe the reissue is bad! I just buy them for what they are, not what I wish they were. When I bought my OG Hawk claw in Australia in 1990 I paid $110. 25 years on PP reissues are about $120. We get what they provide and what we pay for!
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    I understand they're reissues and they say reissue and of course they're not on the same quality wood and the graphics aren't printed in the same manner etc. I would still like them to be as close to the originals as possible. Maybe it's just me and you guys dig "reissues" that are far off from the originals. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but then what's the point in a reissues if you're veering that much off from the original. Powell has done a fantastic job so far with most their bones brigade decks. If the Welinder is lime green like the last LMFP I will be very happy!

    I have owned many Powell OG decks and still do, but at the current prices they're becoming unattainable so reissues are my only option.
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    I like what they did with the OG Steve Saiz feathers deck and had spoon nose and kick nose variants. Maybe they could do the same thing with reissues to keep everyone happy! I bought the lime green LMFP and I love the colour. It's much nicer than the images we have seen so far of the Welinder.
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