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  • "The blue Welinder with money bumps was definitely not a spoon nose concave. It has a small but deep kicknose."

    To clarify this comment, I'm specifically talking about the reissue from a few years back.
  • I don't understand why people think the "wood" in the 80's was better than the "wood" of today.  I actually think the reissues feel stronger and stiffer than the OG.  The exception would be the fist run of the BB reissues.
  • Agree. The old stuff felt different, but not sure it was better-different.
  • The reason i believe wood of yesteryear is superior to wood of today is it's sources and processing. there was a lot more old growth forest to rip up 30 years ago, meaning older, harder timber. these days the trees are younger and therefore softer. also 30 years ago timber was seasoned or dried for a greater duration reducing the likelihood of twisting and warping. what is better these days is the glues between laminates that are used!
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    I think logically you have a point. Better wood was available years ago via the techniques you have described, better glues are available today thanks to modern formulas.
    The other thing is that years ago most riding were all skinny & light biscuit head kids, now many of you are jaded chunky fckers & decks simply have more chance to buckle under the weight.
  • No question in my mind.. The glue has changed the game. I know this for a fact, when I sold price point and blank decks in my shop those decks always delamed when they broke because of cheap ass glue. There are obviously companies taking extra steps to deliver the best wood they can to their customers and with quality glue in the mix you have an awesome product.

    That being said I'm only 5.5ft and 135lb so most of the time I can ride any crap deck and be fine. Having quality under your feet does feel good though.
  • lol dr freedom. i'm not of the chunk nor jade, in fact i'm 5'11'' and 75 kilos, about 10 heavier than my youth. and i love the product that we get, that's why i keep buying it. however the proof is in the eating of the pudding. when i screw up a no comply and the board lands on it's nose or edge, or i screw up in a bowl and the board slides down the ultra smooth concrete transition grip side down i'll lose a lot of wood-no pun intended. this didn't happen anywhere near as much 25 years ago
  • I bet Billy is a chunky jaded fcker lol :p

    love to you Billy (there are 2 Billys now as well.. not the new one, hes cool, the other is a pot stirrer who posts pics of fake up & coming decks)
  • Does anyone know what website we go to for these summer catalog items?

    I thought I saw something about being able to pre-order the Welinder deck.

    Anyone know the website to go yo for a pre-order?
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    @Animalchin any new info about the release date on these decks?... "we are shooting to start taking pre orders on any limited decks around 2 weeks prior to it's release"
  • @ANIMALCHIN - Anyword on the Concave or Kicknose situation on the Barbee & Welinder?  
  • @billy_bakker ... would it be safe to say that the Welinder reissue we can expect will look like this deck below?

  • Let's hope so, the lime green is killer!!! Look at that beauty, put me down for a few.
  • So.. the million dollar question, when are these a cometh?

  • billy bakker's gone silent since we've been peppering him with questions
  • yea.. another person mentioned it to me via snb as well
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    @slippery & Doc.. For whatever its worth I follow him on insta and it looks like he's been having some family time based on his pics. I did feel he was kind of brave to acknowledge any insight with Powell on this forum as solid new info about product is hard to come by here. I haven't been here long but its obvious that the members here do almost all of the digging. Its refreshing to have someone from the other side stepping up to keep us in the loop.. Hope he sticks around
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    Yea me too dude, just wondering if the more we ask - the less they tell sorta thing. Animalchin does a similar thing, pops in every now and then to show us some love and drop a bit of info...and then vanishes like a virgin on prom night for a few months
  • Im not shocked.. bit like the pre order thing, the people who've been here long enough know when a comment is a fugazi & when it isnt.
  • Fugazi rules! So does Minor Threat!
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    im not talking about the band..
  • im not talking about the band..
  • Apparently doc's fugazi means false or fake, like the jewel in donnie brasco, whereas the band is an acronymn from a vietnam book where soldiers would say they 'fucked up, got ambushed, zippered in(a body bag)'. both those bands rock sk8er
  • Thanks doc. Each time i look at that gorgeous lime green welinder with the skull wearing an almost cyan coloured helmet it brings to mind my old vallely reissue which was also lime green and had that same almost cyan blue colour as the background pattern behind the elephant. It had a very similar shape. Does anyone know if they are the same dimensions and concave?
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