Summer Catalog - Barbee \ Welinder Reissues



  • That welinder is pretty sweet, I might have to get a couple, one keeper and one to thrash. A snakeskin in that colour would be the ultimate
  • That's my plan, hang one ride one maybe two. This will my daily rider as I come back from knee surgery
  • Yea I'm going to hang one and skate one. I can't stomach the forest green though so let's pray it's lime green.
  • I think billy bakker confirmed it will be true to the original color already
  • so.. I can see that the sku's for these have been loaded onto the site, hows that pre order thing going?
  • edited July 2014
    Far out I'm going to be eating soup for a while with the amount of decks being released over the next month that I want. Luckily just spent a shitload on my missus bday so I have some good grace to spend some. I'm hoping the werlinder and barbee are ready at the same time so I don't have to pay two sets of international postage
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