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Hi everyone, long time reader first time poster here.

As the title suggests, I'm looking for some advice on wheels. I'm currently riding 58mm ML 97As and recently tried a friends board with SPFs and instantly fell in love with the extra speed. My question is, how different are the harder ML wheels (99 and 101) from SPFs in terms of speed, grip etc. The reason I ask is that I'm in Australia and I can get ML wheels for $30 or SPF for $55. Is it worth the extra $$ for SPF??


  • I actually prefer the minilogo 58mm 97a and the Skull and Sword 58mm 90a wheels over any SPF. Sure SPF are fast, but they slip a lot, especially on skate lite and Masonite. You can also skate the two wheels I mentioned on any surface. You can really only ride SPFs on the smoothest cement, at least that's been my experience.
  • Thanks for that SK8ER. I'm only skating concrete parks/bowls. I've got some Skull and Sword wheels, love them on the street but find them a bit slow at the park compared to the 97A mini logos.
    The SPF slip factor does concern me, but am I going to get the same level of slip(or grip) from the harder 99A and 101A mini logos??
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    G'day Jon. You could counteract the slowness of the wheel with a faster bearing. For street I use reds, and for skatepark I use the swiss super 6's. However I use 85a 64mm Bombers for street, and 96a 60mm Cockroach for skatepark
  • Where the hell do you find cockroach wheels these days?!
  • slippery. it's where i got my hawk pictograph, lmdb, lmj, hill ear mini, tbones, cockroaches, tracker and gullwing trucks. all MUCH cheaper than you would find in australia. and all nos. i was also lucky because i bought most of it when the Aud was stronger than the greenback
  • Thanks for the feedback WakeInFright, I'm using Mini Logo bearings at the moment and they seem pretty good, much better than some so-called ABEC7 bearings I've had before.
    Cockroach wheels, now that's a blast from the past. I loved my Cockys.
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    Thanks man, I'll have to look again, last time I checked OSS they were sold out of the cockroaches..

    Update - just looked..they're gone, oh well one day I'll find some
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    The cockroach link on old school skates appears to be dead. ozzie's either sold out or holding some for one of his auctions on evilbay. i got my set almost 2 years ago. i've sent him an email and waiting for a reply. i'm still using my roach pod riser from back in the 80's and i've still got my old cockroach rails, but i'm using rib bones now-less sharp edges. the best rails i had by far were the universals i had on my alva. put the sex screws in loosely, slide the rail up them, then tighten them!
  • Sorry guys and girls. Oz says all the cockroach wheels have sold out. Shame, great wheels!
  • They have been for a while, I buy from there every so often and they would have come up on my radar if he had some. They're rare as fuck these days
  • mate of mine has a box of seconds hes never willing to part with.. some have the roaches, some dont.
  • Lucky duck Doc!
  • I don't blame him for wanting to keep them..soon enough they'll be all gone and no amount of money will replace those badboys
  • I was looking at them last night. Most of them have gone from that cloudy white colour to slightly off .. as you would expect.
    Some dont have any printing on them. Still the fcker wont let them go lol..
  • I bit the bullet and got some SPFs, I now have a new favorite wheel. So fast!!! Much less work pumping around the park now, my legs don't get as tired. They grip really well too, better than I expected. And I must confess, I do like the Bones "bark" when you slide them.
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    my cockroach mate bought a set of hawk 60m spf's last week, ran them in our local park on the weekend

    he aint ever going back, loves them
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    Now's your chance doc, while he is weak and confused. GET THOSE COCKROACHES. On a serious note regarding those awesome old school wheels, i was talking to les at concrete lines at tweed heads today about them and he reckons the fella that was originally making them was going to start again a few years back but production was going to be too expensive in australia. He said he may start them again with production in china. I don't know if that's a good thing or not
  • Lol awesome, I'll put some on my reissue snakeskin when they both get done
  • Lmao... Hey slippery, maybe we should start a cockroach wheel discussion, and when both the cockroach and the snakeskin re-ish hit a million comments, you get your dream rider! : )
  • There was a pink mountain family with cockroach wheels on ebay recently, I was thinking of bidding just for the wheels but $357 was a bit much for wheels when the decks probably only worth about $200 to resell. Pretty nice specimen
  • wow that Lance (looks red to me) is nice
  • yeah slippery, that family does look nice, a bit pricey for acquiring the wheels though. and like the doc said, it does look red. i like red though. out of curiosity, has anyone out there skated on old school toxic wheels before?
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    Had another look and you're both right it's red..just assumed it was pink as I have one in that color and the internet has a way of distorted colors on occasion
  • Is there a SPF wheel that has a similar shape to the A-cut Mini Logos?  I have a set of the MLs in 55 and like the shape but would like to try SPF in a 55 or 56. The local shop only has one SPF wheel in and it is a narrower/rounder profile than the square cut of the A-Cut.

  • Jon
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    I'm pretty sure most SPF wheels are the same shape as the A-cut mini logos, at least they look like they are. My 58mm SPFs are exactly the same shape/dimensions as my 58mm mini logo A-cut wheels.
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