What brand, size and duro wheel are you skating at the skatepark / concrete bowls?

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Still working on finding " the right wheel " for me. I have been using 58mm - 60mm wheels with duros from 97a to 84B. I am still feeling a bit " wobbly " when I skate ( probably 20 years of rust, new ACL and old age ) and I am looking to make some changes to my board setup. I am thinking of going to a 99a duro wheel / 54mm size with no risers.I looking for a good catch all skatepark wheel and more control / easier board to ride. Am I on the right track?


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    Lately I have been riding the Skull and Sword 58mm 90a everywhere. They are great on rough streets/parking lots/schools. As I have gotten older I no longer skate bowls with transitions higher than 6 ft and I go fast enough without any surprise slips. The wheel is versatile.
  • 54 mm STF with Swiss everywhere I go.
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    For me it depends what setup I'm riding. I have 58mm SPF Daggers on my old school setup and I love them at concrete parks. They give the grip but still allow some barking and give when doing tail, lipslides etc. My pop setup is a hard street wheel 101a for the same kind of reasons, with that setup I want everything to slide, bark and give on smooth concrete. Before there were concrete parks everywhere and most everything was indoor I rode 99a spitfires they were great on slippery, dusty surfaces but times have changed and I haven't riden an indoor park in quite some time.

    To contradict everything I just typed, right before I blew my ACL I put a set of 53mm 99a spitfires on my pop deck just to see how they felt and rode them for about a week... Hated them because they gripped too much and was in the process of trying a set of 54mm SPFs on that setup. When I can get back on board that's the first wheel I'm gonna try on the pop setup, if it sticks to much then possibly a 54mm STF
  • Been skating Spitfire Parkburners and SPF's. The Parkburners are grippy but slow where as the SPF's are faster but slippery on the mini ramp I ride. I have read quite consistently that Spitfire Formula 4 99a are a really nice combo of speed and grip so I am going to try them next.
  • Spitfires suck.
  • The regular ones do, have you tried the formula 4's?
  • all u need are pavement wheels ;)
  • 61mm 97a OJii team riders
  • I'm 39 and my knees aren't crash hot so 96a is the hardest i'd ride for a wheel 60mm or smaller
  • Yeah I am 37 and my knees don't cooperate like they used to either, soft is good. You never dream as a young guy that your basic movements will become limited in the near future! lol
  • I'm riding old stock Yellow Ratbone 93a wheels from Oldschool Skates. Can't beat old school brothers.......

  • I'm 41 almost 42 and ride Bones STF's or Mini Logo 101's on street and SPF's or Mini Logo 101's in parks. On my old schools I usually ride NOS  old school Powell wheels between 90A and 97A softer on street and harder for transition. And my cruiser has old 64mm 78A Kryptonics that are scary fast. Bones Swiss bearings in everything!
  • Jon
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    fister72, great year 1972.

    Do you notice much difference between the SPFs and the Mini Logo 101s with regards to speed and grip?
  • The SPF's seem a little gripier and a little faster but Mini Logos are great for the price. You really can't go wrong with either one. 
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