Limited Bones Brigade 4th of July decks

Just saw this on insta.. Looks like Mullen in Red Guerrero in white & Lance in blue
photo _20140628_144617_zpsicsftk7v.jpg


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    Nevermind it looks like a promotion to get rid of overstock
  • I swear that Mullen looks orange
  • The TG board has shape to it......

  • It's got to be the angle of the pic. The colors have already been released and it makes no sense to change shape and keep the same color.
  • wonder why they decided to take a photo of the top and and not the bottom
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    Dudes its a red (still looks orange), white and blue july 4th type thing. Just a bit of patriotic promotion, nothing new to see here..move along
  • Nah it's a different shape Chris! But it looks more of Cab street shape, than a TG. It doesn't look like it tapers to a point......
  • it kind of reminds me of the mountain
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    Here's the other side they posted on instagram.

    And yes I'm hopeless, still having trouble posting pics direct. Tried the <a href= thing, and the [IMG] thing from Bills "how to 2.0" but no luck still from my android phone. When I use href everything I type disappears but no pic. If anyone can dull it down a shade so a simpleton like me can understand would greatly appreciate it
  • From that pic, I am convinced the "shape" is just an illusion from the angle.
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    editions limited

  • What's different about them?  The lmfp looks just like the one I already have.
  • Limited to 10,000
  • If they were the correct shape, there wouldnt be any left.
  • I stand corrected Chris! Yeh that pics is no different from the other boards. Never been a fan of wheel wells.....
  • I still haven't pulled the trigger and bought one the the BB reissues. I have come close several times. Have any of you hit any bowls with them?
  • I have the Cab in green. I have ridden it at the park a couple of times. Rides just like my first board from '82ish, the Hawk Chicken Head. You should see the skate rats try to ride it. Funny stuff.
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