How to post pictures from your Android phone with Photobucket

First upload your photo with the photobucket app
photo Screenshot_2014-07-01-09-03-15_zpsxfrhmcjb.png

Once the photo has been uploaded tap on the "share" icon that in this photo is the second from the left on the bottom.
photo Screenshot_2014-07-01-09-11-02_zpsricjipke.png

Now choose the "copy link to clipboard"
photo Screenshot_2014-07-01-08-54-40_zpsrhl1wajq.png

Choose the "HTML" link
photo Screenshot_2014-07-01-08-55-02_zpsol7oqkth.png

Type your message first then hold down on the screen to bring up your copy and paste options. Tap the clipboard icon that in this pic is the one on the top far right.
photo Screenshot_2014-07-01-09-38-29_zpspi4vafg2.png

Last but not least post your discussion.. Good luck
photo Screenshot_2014-07-01-09-40-28_zpsxsz5nlpf.png


  • is the Hawk for sale
  • Pulled that pic from Google.. But honestly if I did own that deck then yes it would be for sale. It would have been sent to pennswood mfg to have ten exact copies made just for me not to sell. I would hang one and ride the other nine.
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