New Catalog is up!

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Lots of new VCJ graphics.  Lots of new popsicle sizes with new concave.  I like the facelift that all the wheels have gotten.  Cool!


  • Good stuff but not much gets my attention in that.
  • I like the new graphics, especially on an 8.5x31.8. Yes please.
  • Looks cool. Cooler than the last few IMO
  • Now that the tie dye graphics have been moved to the side those slappy shapes don't look so bad
  • Did you guys notice that the fun shapes that used to be 8.4 wide are now 8.6 and 8.7 wide?  Good to see they are a little bigger.  
  • I dont mind the new vcj graphics.

    Probably one of the better catalogues in a while
  • Agreed Doc. So many new decks, the new vcj graphics look sick!

    I'll be spending all my tax return on decks. I might have to make a few dodgy deductions, or should I say engage in some "creative accounting" so I can get a couple more. Prefer my money go to skateone than the Australian government
  • Yeah- when I started messing with fun shapes, I wanted to test the waters with a middle of the road size. Now we're able to offer more sizes and shapes. 
  • Oh yeah- VCJ's been going off. New art all the time.
  • Any plans for VCJ to create a new dragon graphic for Cab's modern shape?
  • Thats what the new propeller was supposed to be. I'm sure something like that can happen
  • @mudslingerskates- the slappies are super fun to ride. It's like riding an old school board that's 8.5" wide. Ollie's great, can still do street tricks, ride anything. Puts you in a different mind set. It's been fun relearning tricks on it.
  • The new Killian colours have grown on me
  • Yeah, I added shading and a glow on the wolf's face. Really made it pop and gave it more depth. Gotta see it up close...
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    @billy_bakker ... I'm looking forward to trying one for sure. I keep going back to the 212 shape as I look at the three that are available... all the dems seem good. As of late I have really had a lot of fun pushing my old school setup to do things I could only dream of when I was 14 & 15... a deck like this seems to be a step in that same direction.
  • New VCJ graphics looking pretty cool...
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