Looks Like CCS Is Closing Up Shop

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They are bging " absorbed " into Eastbay. Maybe some good deals to be had. We will see.



  • yea ur late lol
  • According to the article, they let their entire staff go last week. Does not bode well for anyone placing an order and it being correctly filled.
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    pretty much...their orders are gonna take longer now sucks for those peeps
  • Ive been an Eastbay customer for more years than I can remember.
  • I have purchased some Nike Dunk Highs from Eastbay. Good prices and quick service.
  • End of an era - but it really started to end a long time ago. Socal is my goto, and I use Skatewarehouse for my big-box type needs. And Nike SB.
  • I'm sure it all depends on where you live but here in Florida we have a chain of stores called "Ross-dress for less" and that is my goto. I can get pretty much whatever I want for under $30.. They have all the brands and when I'm killing shoes every month and a half that's the deal for me. Used to be able to find some good prices and deals on dogfunk also.
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