Rib Bones

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You guys still produce new ThinRibs right? All I ask is ONE thing..MAKE DIFFERENT COLORS!! Or at least make YELLOW I have a fetish for yellow rails...I can only find old 80s stock of yellow rails and that supply won't last forever =/


  • we dont produce ThinRibs anymore. they are all old stock and when they are gone they are gone for good.
  • LAME!!! With all the reissues you are doing you should bring back the Bigger Rib Bones, and the Jaw Bones.
  • Well, I guess if there was some real demand, they would make them...
  • ebay. lots of rails on ebay. my girlfriend just bought me 8 pairs of gorilla ribs in hot pink in the shrink wrap from a guy in the uk for christmas!!!! im so psyched!!
  • You know how hard it was for me to find the rails I wanted in the color I wanted at a price that was not insane?
  • is this a set up for a joke? ok ok..... how hard was it?
  • No Joke, It took me forever to get Black Rib Bones that were not being scalped.
  • yea when i first started here we had the lime green ones left and that was it. that was 4 years ago and we havent found any to sell since.
  • well.......... youll just have to bust out the mold and pour up some rib bone magic =)
  • No kidding. You are reissuing Wheels and Decks. Bust out with the Iconic Plastic.
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    get that kick tail on the ground! method that airial right now!
  • Frontside grind anytime!!! Do the skateboard shuffle, Do the skateboard shuffle! Johnny Rad Forever!
  • Never been much for plastic. Rails I can see the utility. The other stuff I never really got... As a kid though who only got two boards a year (Christmas and July birthday) - the tailbone was a necessary evil. I'm definitely fine living without plastic nowadays though...
  • ^shh dont ruin it man
    u gotta make ribbones
  • yeah i feel weird skating without rails.. the other stuff i may or may not put on an old school board.. if i do its cuz im just havin fun building it and i lke the way it looks. my barbee death angel deck only has rails on it of course. but my older style decks usualy have a tailbone as well.
  • Was curious if anyone has tried out any of the other rails different websites. I have seen Pig rails, Crooks rails, Vision rails and Deathbox rails.

    Im thinkin of grabbing some but thought I would see if I could get some feedback if anyone has used any.
  • im sure they do the job fine but....... nothing beats havin powell rails on a powell board. thats the way to go. im tellin ya.. you can get lots of good deals on ebay. anywhre from 12-24 bucks a pair for nos in the package rib bones. just have to keep checking daily. my girlfriend found a guy selling on ebay in the uk he had 9 pairs of vintage powell gorilla ribs in hot pink in the package for 12bucks a pair!! i got all 9. that should keep me goin for a while.
  • I have Vision Rails on my Lucero X2, but on the Underhill Reissue I have Rib Bones, my Hawk Medallion I have Mini Bones (only because it was drilled for them I was not about to redrill) and a Jawbone on. My Lucero 12xu Popsicle has the Black Label tiny rails on it.
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    yeah i dont understand why powell wouldnt keep making rails at least....if they are gonna continue to keep makin re-issues. makes sense to me, the two go hand in hand.. i mean how much could it cost really?? more important... how many of those thin ribs get sold on a monthly basis? and when they are "gone for good" how much money will they be missing out on every month?? its gotta be worth keepin around right?????
  • Well. think of it this way. You can find NOS plastic without looking too hard. That stuff has been on the market for what - 15 years? Longer? If it hasn't sold in 15 years, I'm not sure it's in their best interest to make more...
  • Yeah you can find it, just not in good colors at a decent price.
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    yeah true. your probably right...i just like buyin everything direct from powell if i can... cant always get what u want though. oh well....
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    Wow, rails are seriously lacking, at least in the colors I like, I just ordered the LAST set of yellow rails in stock I can find on a site for decent price, I usually only use yellow rails, or orange, I think more companies need to step up and make rails at least, crooks rails are new but only in like 1 or 2 colors, outlookskates rails are new and come in more colors but their site is weird, need to spend like $40 to order
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