Per Werlinder Reissue

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Billy Bakker jus put this pic on instagram, starting to look more like lime green. How long until this comes out??



  • I feel like a little kid on Christmas .... OK @animalchin hold true on the preorder
  • lol.. billy dun post here anymore
  • Lol we scared him off..skateone groupies are just as intense as justin beaver groupies, or whoever it is the kids love these days
  • @slippery he said we should be able to preorder but its not jumping out at me. 
  • Me either dude, there's no preorder option on their website that I can see..having said this I rang an aussie skateshop that said they're getting them in today and put my name down for one so I'm set. I would buy off skateone direct, but international postage and the strength of the aussie dollar makes it not as cheap as what you can get em for with free postage. Plus I like supporting (some of) our skateshops here in Australia. Might be an idea to email them if you're stressing you're going to miss out @mudslingerskates see whats happening
  • Which shop slips?
  • You guys have any idea of how many of these are going to be made?
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    starts with c & ends in a

    actually.. I think its US
  • Hey doc, ocd skateshop in Mordilliac, Victoria. Real friendly dudes and the price of their reissues are pretty reasonable. They're my go-to skateshop for most stuff. They get all the Powell reissues and most of the limited run stuff too, I got a pink Salba tiger off em and got my name on the list for a red Natas panther reissue (they're only getting 10 so better get in quick if you want a Natas - they won't be putting it up on their website). The other ones I shop online at are and concrete lines, depending on what I'm after
  • concrete lines at tweed heads gets a big tick from me as well. i was there on holiday last week, some pretty cool skate parks. les and adam are good fellas, and les said that they ship free to most places in australia in 2 days. most reissue decks were around the 109 figure whereas in newcastle you can pay up to 139
  • ocd skates is around the same prices, and they offer 10% off all orders over $200 as well. They're quick to post, but being in regional Vic, it takes a week or so to post to Brisbane where I live. No deal breaker for me though
  • They posted on Facebook that it's the spoon nose concave. This means it will be different that the last Welinder reissues. The blue one had money bumps and a kicknose, the grey one had no money bumps and a spoon nose. This combines the bumps and the spoon...
  • Sounding more and more like my lime green vallely reissue with spoon nose. As i've asked before, are they similar dimensions?
  • @wakeinfright .. Looks like the thumbnails are up and they've changed the dimensions just a little
  • Thanks mudslingerskates...hopefully the wheel base is longer than the vallely. it was way too short for me
  • Anybody know what date this Welinder reissue will be available to buy.

    I read August somewhere, but it is August.

    Maybe in a week?
  • I asked the perorder question via the skateone site and got a response from Kam last Monday that he would let me know via email when preorders were ready to be taken. He originally stated that preorders would be taken around two weeks prior to public availability. 

    So if I had to guess, the Welinder should be available at the end of August via the skateone site. We should see a preorder option soon......
  • I just preordered mine on saturday over at calsk8. It was a bit more due to shipping, but wanted to make sure to lock one in. Heres the link:
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    Howards thing says late August & I dont think these Wellys are limited like last time. Well im guessing, but I havnt read anything in regards to that.
    Billy, do you know about that at all?
  • Social has them for preorder
  • Looks like SoCal sold out. So did Old Skull a while back.

    Cal Sk8 still had them last time I checked.

    If this reissue isn't "limited" it sure feels like it is.
  • This is what I don't get about Powell Peralta, or I guess Skateone as a whole.  Why not just sell decks like this year around and not make them limited?  That's where they'll make their money.  Who buys P&P popsicles?  The teenage kids sure as hell don't, It's not a "cool" brand compared to Anti-Hero, Real, Girl etc, that's just the truth.  I realy just don't get it.
  • They are trying to create a market while capturing as many current markets. Popsicle decks are still the bread and butter of the slate market, they have to be involved. The modified market is where they seem to be trying to lead a new charge with the slappy decks, modified cruisers, and whatnot. The old school market is where they are missing, in my opinion. The majority of their old school decks are too old, flat and fat. Most people in that market want mid to late 80s shapes not early 80s. As much as it pains me to say this, I think vision has the right idea, taking those desirable shapes and graphics and modifying them to have functional concave and noses. I want shape but I want function too. A lmfp shape and graphic, a tad thinner and more concave. That would be perfect.
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    i buy "popsicle" boards for my flip tricks and powell doesnt put out enough ads to be a "cool" company
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