Rat Bones

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Are the 97a Reissue Rat Bones gone for good? Will you continue to make the Rat bones? Green Rat Bones...only things I skate haha


  • gone for good. we will keep the G-Bones 97's and the Ratbones 90's
  • so 90a ratbones here to stay? green? =)
  • yes and yes for at least this catalog
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    I trust the Rat Bones II's are not going away?.Also why do they only have on graphic on one side, while the originals had a Graphic on both sides.
  • i hope the Rat II's are staying. no word yet for whats happening with the next catalog but they should be around until at least the beginning of March. as for why there is not a graphic on both sides, i really dont know. maybe they were thinking some people might want to skate it with just the plain side out to not show a graphic. sorry man but im stumped
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    It's cool, just wondering because that wheel is embedded in my mind as 2 of my bro's back in the day had a set at the same time. Seems weird that the White ones have the inside Graphic only and the Black ones have the Outside one. Or is it the 97a's have the Outside Graphic and the SPF's (Props on the modern formula in a classic wheel BTW) have the inside? I've got a set of Black 97a's on the Underhill I'm giving to my bud (The afore mentioned friend that rode the RBII's, on a Underhill) for Christmas and they have only the outside graphic.
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    NEXT CATALOG??????????? =)
  • are those pink? we have requested pink and yellow but nothing has come of it yet
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    they are pink. =) and they are on ebay right now with a buy it now for $120.00. retarded. but im considering it... cuz i got issues... =)
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    haha we all have issues. my issue is going to the beach and catching waves is more important than paying attention to and hanging out with my girlfriend.
  • yeah no catching waves here. in fact.. we got like a bizzilion inches of snow and freezing rain today. its like driving on an ice rink!! sux. if i lived in cali id be surfing every chance i could get. i dont blame ya one bit.
  • Yeah waves were nice here in NC too Jesse!
  • Makes me homesick
  • well ur surfboard wont talk back to u or spend ur money or ask for stuff
  • yea southern California has great weather pretty much year round. even when its cold here its never that cold. we do get snow on the tops of the mountains here in Santa Barbara about once a year which is a treat to those who have never seen it or had to dig their car out of it. NC i hear gets really good waves and super warm water. maybe ill make a trip back one of these days.

    "well ur surfboard wont talk back to u or spend ur money or ask for stuff"
    so true but when your done at the beach your board wont give your sore back some lovin ;)
  • put a hole in it and massage the hole with some wax
  • no thanx i have a real girlfriend for that. =)
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    i love my surfboard but thats pushin it. haha

    p.s. Graffiti ripper is in!
  • Your kidding me? Your not making 97's any more? I love the 90's but they are near impossible to slide on! Well thats more bad news!
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