Tommy Guerrero Reissue?

Just wondering if Powell was going to reissue the Tommy Guerrero flaming sword model? That was my favorite deck in the 80s... 1987; it was white with the purple-pearl/ metallic sword I and I skated it for about 15 months, through the end of 1988 (had to make my decks last and only had the street... skated boards until all the pop was gone). Was just the most excellent street deck ever!



  • we are up for it, its just really up the man Tommy himself if hes in to it. it would be cool for sure.
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    Yeah I would love to own a Guerrero Fire Dagger again perfect for my size/build. I had one back in 1988 hopefully you guys will reissue.
  • A re-issue of his deck would be great, I also remeber my brother having the redish/orange one but the white and purple color is the ONE!
  • yea i like the white one too.
  • I once had the 1st Flames Guerrero thing is I bought the one with the clock on it so I just removed the clock and covered the hole with a sticker lol.

    I hope you guys re-issue that 1st gen Flames or the later style with the pointed nose. The color that I really liked was the black ones.

  • I would love to see a pink or black one.
  • This is an old thread, but I have a question. Would SOC approach Guerrero about a re-issue? Is that how it works.
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    they would... and they way it works is like this: any said graphic to be re-issued must be approved by both george and (stacy )if needed* also it MUST be signed off on by the rider as well.. in this case guerrero would have to sign off on the deck being released.. and no they will not just release the deck with the graphic on it without the riders name.. im sure kam will respond to this in a few days and give u basicly the same answer i did. just a heads up ;)
  • Thanks, Nick. And do you know how SOC would determine whether it's worth it to pursue the rider's approval? I've seen petitions on this forum, but I thought they are just symbolic gestures with no real impact.
  • I wonder how George and Stacy decide which decks they reissue in the first place. I mean, the choices like Hawk iron cross and Mountain FP are no brainers....but how did they come up with the Hill bulldog, or original Barbee? Do they research customer requests or just kind of stab in the dark?

    I know they are limited by riders approving the reissue and whatnot, I am just curious as to how they decide which decks they want to reissue.
  • sometimes they flip a coin and sometimes it is rock paper scissors
  • It's not the graphic they need to sign off on, it's the use of their name. They could release the boards without the rider's name.
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    actually they still need permission from the rider cause it was their graphic it's already been said a long time ago
  • Someone might have said it, but I don't believe that. How is it that the artist doesn't get a nickel or say in it, but somehow the rider has to sign off, even if their name isn't on the board? How is Vision making those Gonz-less reissues?
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    From what I understand, it works like this: The rider "owns" the graphic along with Powell because their name is a part of that graphic. Then VJC sold the rights to the graphics to Powell and the Rider I believe. The Gonz reissue and Gator do not have their names on them.
  • that's how it goes^
  • 1) gator DOES have his name on it now.
    2) "They could release the boards without the rider's name." uh...they could but i wouldnt count on it. i was told per: jesee they wouldnt do that..take that for what its worth
    3) "sometimes they flip a coin and sometimes it is rock paper scissors" sadly enough..probably some truth to that
    4) "I've seen petitions on this forum, but I thought they are just symbolic gestures with no real impact." TRUE!! see the "snakeskin petition" that i came up with.. big waste of time.. unfortunatly (and if it ever comes recant that statement...currently holding my breath) ;)
    5) FYI: you can get a : "mark gonzales sticker for the re-issue some guy made on ebay for like 3 bucks and its the same font as the original.. i put it on mine and for a wall CANT tell the difference.. and i have to say the VISION re-issue decks are pretty good quality..way better than i expected.
  • by the way u can now buy vision stuff from their website
  • if they do reissue it, it should be the flaming dagger with either the lime green, pink, or that white/purple one!
  • Definetly one of my all time favorite boards. If they do reissue it, I would like to see the black flames with the round nose.
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