Powell Peralta 2-Rats Wheels

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Is there any chance of maybe doing a reissue 2-rats wheels from around 1989?

Those were the best wheels I've ever skated in over 25 years of skating.





  • i will pass the request on. they look the same shape as the rat bones
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    Did somebody say CROSSBONES?!

    Here's what I'm rollin right now!


    And hey! If you want some old wheels why not look at oldschoolskates.com? They've got hella! In nearly every color!
  • the website looks shaaaady im honestly afraid to order from them. have you ever??
  • Hahahah! It looks like a website circa 1992! It's the shit!!! Ozzie runs it from Chi-town and he's totally legit!

    Where'd you think I copped those Crossbones?! I've ordered from them over ten times now, and I'm always impressed!

    Don't pay toddtwist or other ebay sharks... they are probably getting their merch from Ozzie!

    Have you seen the Tommy Gs, Welinders, Barbees, or Cabs etc that are NOS and yet factory gripped? That's who was sellin em!

    There are a few treasures left to be had! Just keep it between us Powell Peralta heads! Are you a SkullandBones.com member? Join!!
  • Love the Crossbones II's. I have bought a lot of stuff from Ozzie as well. Good Stuff man. SkullandBones.com member since July :D
  • Ozzie is kool, I got all my plastics from them...but KEEP IT A SECRET...rumor has it that a few years ago buncha ppl bought up stuff from them and sold it on ebay jacking up prices
  • Yeah I talked to him about that when I was looking for a full size Hawk Medallion to set up as a rider.
  • Yeah Nick,

    Those are exactly what I'm talking about!

    thanks for paoting that pic.

  • Ozzie is as safe as house's dude. I live in Australia and have have bought 6 board's and 5 set's of wheel's off him as well as other stuff! Great bloke and fast shipping, but like Gunk said KEEP IT SECRET!!! :)
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    works out good for me cuz i live in chi-town. ok fair enough =) thanx for the input guys/ appreciated. no i havent joined skull and bones. i tried to sign up to it once but it wouldnt allow me to.... weird. but i lke thier columns. there seems like theres alot of cool people on it and great threads.
  • It should be noted that oldschoolskates is recommended right here on the SkateOne site:


    So is http://www.huaban.net/antique/old.htm - anyone ever buy from them? They have NOS original (not 64mm) crossbones: http://www.huaban.net/antique/old.htm - I like the original graphic/font better though, but this is my all time favorite shape.
  • I've bought from Karl at Antique Powell Peralta!

    He's a killer dude! Good place to get some great deals on NOS stuff, still in the shrink!
  • Karl is legit and has some pretty cool NOS. we do support him and he is trustworthy.
  • I'm torn between the old style Cross Bones from APP or the Street Styles from OSS...
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