Some pics of my board questions

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I rode around without tailbone, scraped 1 corner of the tail...nothing major i put some wood filler, then took it off, put tailbone back moves SLIGHTLY when presseds houldn't have any effect on tailbone performance should it?

For my next setup..contemplating woodscrews or ratnuts for rails...which are better? This board uses ratnuts

My first time putting together an old school board and my 2nd time cutting griptape ever




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    looks good dude =) i like rat nuts better than woodscrews myself. more "classic" but.. either way is fine. the yellow plastic looks good on that deck. nice job.
  • Straight 80's!! looks great Gunk!

    for the 2nd time ever cutting grip you did a heck of a job.
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    My tailbone is worrying me....I scuffed 1 side of the deck and now the tailbone moves ever so slightly if you press it against the board on the scuffed side will this hinder performance or tricks in anyway?
  • The grip looks great, man. But seriously, if you are being driven this nuts about the tailbone, ditch it! I've never ridden one and can't figure why anyone would want one. Sorry, just my opinion.
  • yeah I'm kinda with zeno on the tailbone. Unless your sliding around on your tail on concrete you really don't need it. I know that tailbones and tail devils lower the launch angle for ollies and can kind of drag on tailslides. I did a FS 50-50 to tail in the pool the other day on my buddies board to see if it was diff than mine since you asked about them the other day. It did kind of snag a little but nothing to bad to screw up the trick.
  • kool, thanx for the info guys
  • i wouldnt sweat the tail bone.. experiment on the next one. that board looks tight id leave it. but yeah i will agree with noskool on the riding around on concrete sliding your tail will grind it fast but if your just riding at an indoor park or pools you can loose the tail bone. i honestly just like the way they look though on old school boards. thats just me. i skated my barbee death angel the other day (has no tailbone) and can honestly say i can ollie alot higher on it... hate to admit it but..... its true. but then i look at videos with rodney mullen skating an old freestyle board thats basicly almost flat with a tailbone and hes poping huge ollies on it... so maybee its just skill... i dunno?
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    Well it is Mullen, there's a LOT of shit he can do that I can't (and I'm sure you have to agree with me on this one- unless you're Daewon or something). I ride parks mostly (concrete all summer) and my tail seems to wear out pretty slow and I don't have a big piece of plastic on it. If it's for looks, that's cool- to each their own. But if someone showed up to a heated session with one, I'd really start to wonder... IMHO!!! But don't get all down, you have a nice set-up there.
  • I think the only board I would build up with one would be a Vision Psycho Stick. It was my first new board after years of hand me downs and the only board I had one on.
  • yeah.......... i can watch that mullen vs daewon video a million times and never get sick of it. oddly enough after skating that barbee. its gonna be tough for me to try and progess on something that doesnt have a double kick and no plastic except (rails). ive improved by at least 30% skating that deck!!.but il keep what i got even if its just for the sake of nostalgia.
  • I kind of get weird comments for the rails (by the kids), but they do make it nice for grabbing on airs.
  • yeah on heavier boards rails are a must. Oh and for pool coping also! Tell those kids you count blocks not stairs!
  • yeah ive had kids look at my board and give it weird looks.. then some of em are like "awe man that thing is awesome" and they wanna skate it. it can go either way.
  • If I get comments, I always offer them to ride it. My loose trucks gets the comments after they ride it!
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