thank you powell skateboards

edited December 2008 in Powell-Peralta® name IS MATTHEW POWELL.i am a 25 year old skateboarder from NH.i have 11 in years in so far still get out pretty very happy to find this forum.this site is the motherload.would like to thank anyone involved in the making of these skateboards if you do.having the last name POWELL i had heard of skateboarding by association before i started.CCS had us locked.411.couple years in i thought caine gayle was the man ill yellow crx/got pinched.loved everything DROORS was a time before tony hawk proskater and 5 yr old daycare/birthday parties at the only indoor skatepark around.not saying thats a bad thing,it was just different,not yet a "mainsteam"sport.i still continue to grow respect for the POWELL company and feel fortunate to be able to rep the name and ripper/skull and sword tats.i get the blanks or special order my boards because i cannot have junk.(a lot of other big names)if they dont have M/L blanks-i order a the stacked pink,more than happy.i love this set-up.i love everything about powell skateboards.THANK YOU FOR GETTING IT RIGHT AND KEEPING IT RIGHT!!THANK YOU!


  • nice write up man. thank you for the kind words and believe me, we appreciate you too!

    have a great holiday!
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