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Well, I have an 8.8 X 33 size board and 62mm wheels. I'm looking into getting ACE trucks, should I get the 44s (8.25 - 8.75) or the 55s (8.75 - 9.25)? Also what size hardware and riser pads should I get?



  • hey deplatanos:
    just my opinion, but I've tried the ACEs both 44s & 66s,
    & thought they sucked - they turn alright, supposedly based
    on the old Indy geometry, but warning, grind-wise the
    aluminum's cheap chinese alloy; it'll last about 4 or 5 hard
    sessions before you're going wtf... I even changed around
    the hangers w/ some Indy baseplates, but was still disappointed
    in performance.
    Don't believe the hype.
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    Yes I must agree with captaind. My 44's turn very nicely but grind like crap. The thin old style hanger is pleasing to the eye but wears down very fast and does not feel solid on big grinds. I ride an 8.75 X 33 with some Indy 149's bones hard bushings and man do they rock!!!

    Sorry forgot to answer your questions. As for size I would ride the 55's on that board. The 44's I have are around 8.25 wide and not quite 8.5 like Indy 149's, so I would assume that the 55's are right around 8.75 wide and would fit perfectly on your deck. Get 1/4 inch risers if you are rocking 60mm+ wheels and/or ride really lose trucks, otherwise get 1/8 inch risers. Hardware get 1 1/4 inch if you get 1/8 inch risers and 1 1/2 bolts for 1/4 inch risers.
  • damn..i heard alot of comparison between Ace and Indy...i wish they have Ace in my country
  • ace trucks are foreign made so stick with the good brands
  • True Dat Bill!
  • get some indy 149's.
  • i dont even know what the hell ace is.... but they sound like garbage. buy some indys. u cant go wrong.
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