What'd you get for Christmas?

So what did you guys get good?

Sadly I didn't all of the SOC stuff I asked for - a Chinese Dragon Deck with green Rats. But I did order them my damn self the day after!

I got the Bones Brigade box set from my parents, the book Disposable from my wife, and the Flip/Stezyk/Mountain complete from my wife - number 4 of 500!


  • i got 150 bucks,banging ass mp3 player (much better than a ipod and only 50 bucks!!!),new instrument cable for my bass
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    you play bass bill? i got a schecter 5 string stilleto bass with emg pick ups and gold hardware. i have a home studio.. its part of it.. ir really dont play it much. its for people that come over to record with. i play drums mostly. (anyway... i got 7 pairs of rails. 5 hot pink gorilla ribs nos!! and 2 pair of lime green rib bones. )
  • yea i been a musician before i started skating
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    thats awesome. yeah ive been playing since 97. now i mostly record stuff for people in my basement. im workin on a project with a guitarist right now thats goin pretty good. like an americanized rammstein sound. the guitarist im workin with is pretty amazing. better than most ive seen. when im not skating im usualy playing drums. alot of fun.
  • i got a PS2 from my girlfriend with a bunch of games, a Turtle wax car care kit from her, a flannel, and a kim kardashian calendar cause i think shes pretty smokin. kinda cool that a girlfriend would buy me a calendar of a girl i have a crush on. too bad they dont make robert redford calendars or i would have got her one. we did run in to Paul walker from the fast and the furious and In To the Blue on saturday night at a local concert. that pretty much made her holiday. haha
  • I got a shaving mirror....which is kind of ironic because at 35 I still can't grow a full beard. Come to think of it....maybe it was a gag gift.
  • haha consider your self blessed. i have to spend plenty bucks on razors every few weeks and have since highschool. i should have bought stock in Gillette when i hit puberty. DoH!
  • Set of Bones Swiss, Indy lows, Indy foils, Bones STFs. (Now if my old-man back would heal I could go try this stuff out).
  • 3 sets of SPF's, Reds and a three day pass to skate and surf the three days following Christmas!
  • hey cwalker3.. isnt that "disposable" book amazing???????. i can pick that book up after not looking at it in months and i swear its like reading it for the first time again. so much awesome history. so may great pics. its like the vintage skateboard bible!!
  • Disposable is a great book, but the first half was basically the Sean Cliver life story, which I wasn't expecting. That half had a pretty biased slant. I mean, it was billed as 'the history of skateboard art' - not 'the history of Sean Cliver and skateboard art'. I'm not really a Cliver fan at all... Shifting from Court to Cliver was a horrible move for Powell... Toe-Knee-Hawk? Are you kiddin' me?!
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    yeah i agree somewhat......, but some one had to write it. and hes had a pretty intresting career you have to admit like him or not. take out all the text and you still have an amazing book that covers many ,many skate companies. with excelent pictures and rare stuff you cant even find pictures of anywhere else thats worth the price right there, cuz lets face it theres nothing else out there that even comes close to documenting skateboard graphics in that much detail. however...i dont think alot of his art is great. il agree on that. he basicly tried to copy vcj which is lame and his other stuff as you said... toe knee hawk. yeah that deck sux. but on the flipside thats what "hawk" wanted. the 90's really were a horrible time for graphics, people cared less and less about them at that point.
  • Yep, it's worth it for the pictures. He did a good job.

    With regard to Toe-Knee-Hawk - yeah, I read that it was Hawk's idea. Still, can you imagine how that conversation would have went with Court, Jim Miller, Pusshead, etc?

    A lot of his work for Powell was really, really awful. You can still buy a lot of it NOS for MSRP... If you believe him though, Stacey and George killed all of his good work. And he did do some decent stuff after leaving Powell...
  • i gotta disagree with that last line nick lol if it wasnt for the graphics in the 90s i probably would have never picked up a powell board i cared alot about the graphics back then and i still do lol im just a special case
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    yeah........ had a feeling u might respond to that =) well.... there was alot of great stuff that came out of the 90's that really pushed the envelope. no doubt about that... im just a stubborn old 80"s guy that still believes all boards should still have rails on it . and i still get the same chill now that i got when i was a kid. custom grippin a new powell board starin down at the dragon top or winged ripper logo as im pushin on it for the first time. for me the 90's kinda lost that feelin and i went on to other things.. but hey.. here i am again. powell is still here.. im still skatin... and right now.. i couldnt be happier. =)
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    " can you imagine how that conversation would have went with Court, Jim Miller, Pusshead, etc? "

    yeah... it would of went something like this.. "listen tony... uh... i have an idea..why dont u go do what it is that u do best.. which is skate..and win contests... and leave the graphics up to us.. ok? alright..thanx." (lol) =)
  • The Cliver Barbie Doll boards were all awesome. I like the original Underhill too.
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    "yeah... it would of went something like this.. "listen tony... uh... i have an idea..why dont u go do what it is that u do best.. which is skate..and win contests... and leave the graphics up to us.. ok? alright..thanx." (lol) =)"

    Miller would have punched him in the face!
  • yea there were alot of dumb graphics in the early 90s but when i started skating they were pretty sick
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    yeah...technicly the early 90's was a weird time.. then things did gradualy get better again.. there was some great stuff. i did like the h-street stuff, the natas 101 devil deck. i love the story behind that board its awesome. it wasnt all crap dont get me wrong bill, i will always love that mike v lightning bolt, so simple but a great board.
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    haha i knew u would say that lol.....p.s. it's all mine mmmmmmmm yummy (foams at the mouth)
  • the McGill aquarium was pretty nice from back in 91 and the Bucky Strikes deck was rad too.

    here is a cool site you may already know of that has quite a few of our decks documented

  • It's Cliver's book, let him tell his story (which I found pretty interesting). It's not like he was writing a text-book for people to study. It is a quality book that pretty much sets the standard for a skateboard graphics history book. I can't wait for Disposable 2 to come out. As far as his art- I loved the Barbee Ragdoll(s) and most of his early Powell stuff, but could live without seeing another Hookups deck (since they pretty much all look the same). Since this has turned into a "break down Disposable" thread, that's just my opinion.

    Oh, and my wife got me the Duane Peters Re-issue (since it was over-priced, she knew I wanted it and wouldn't buy it for myself).

    ...and the toe-knee hawk board was a total low point for many of the involved parties.
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