New Website!!

Its a new year and with that comes a newer, larger, faster and more updated website and store. We now have a Powell Blog and this new forum for you to write your rants and raves and even toss in some photos of yourself or places you have skated. Go ahead and tell us what you think. Thanks for the support!!!

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  • Looks Great Jawhn!!! Good work!
  • it turned out good im going to miss the old forum!!! and our post numbers!
  • c'mon Bill, your already up to two posts. keep it up!! yea i hope the guys from the old forums invite more people to this one. im trying to enable photos to be posted on this one so that we can all post photos of us skating or our set ups or just spots that we have skated. i think that would be fun.
  • Yeah man the site looks good. When summer comes round I'll get some pics of old school guys having fun. Admittedly I like technical stuff, so reading articles on wheels, bearings etc is what I like. Also stories on skate sessions by the crew would also be good whether it be slide, ramp, ditch, park or downhill sessions, it's all good!! : )
  • yea everything on the site is nice now including the close up of products which is rad and helpful!
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