deck design idea

Hey Jesse

Was riding my rosebone longboard around the old 70's park Lansdowne yesterday (a perfect fit, not too long, not too short), and was thinking to myself how great it would be to have this exact shape, same width, concave, etc., scaled
down to a shorter length, say 9.375, for some pool & (bigger trannie) park riding?? It'd be an updated Old School model
for older, bigger guys like myself, who miss the 80's small nose/bigger tail boards, & who have outgrown the old re-issues. You could have 1 exactly like the rosebone, and a slimmer shape like the 90's vato-rat (just lengthened to compensate for aged types). I know there's other companies w/similar decks I'm describing out there, but again, I REALLY dig the Powell Peralta Classic shapes/concaves/widths, and believe you could pull off such boards better than anyone else.


  • the Hot Rod will be the deck your looking for. it is 9.375 x 33.75 and is is almost the same shape just scaled down.
  • Yeah, I've pretty much been riding the Hot Rod flames desk religiously for the past 6 or so years now - I love it, & was worried when told it might get discontinued, so I've been stocking up anyway just in case (am glad the orange/red flames graphic is back too, beats the black). I actually drill old school
    holes to move the wheelbase forward & give it more tail/less nose too, which is why I'm thinking a model w/the KLR concave instead of the K10, narrower
    nose to more tail would feel, kind of an updated 80's instead of 90's board. Something a little longer, but slimmer than the Skull & Sword (which I've
    ridden as well)? I guess what I'm getting at is more old, less new - but still real functionable for all the 07 parks & bowls.
  • update on my idea: check out the Chris Strople alley oop model Pool Kings
    is putting out, 10x34, a little longer & wider than I'd ask for, but the small
    nose & overall shape looks pretty good - in their own words, a blending of old
    & new (school). Strople would know, he's been around forever, & in my opinion,
    is onto a good thing. Now it's up to POWELL to do it better; slim it down a little,
    slap some Vato Rat graphics on, & call it the Classic VR reissue...How 'bout it?
  • yea man that deck looks fun. ill pass on the request. thanks
  • I ride the Rose and Bone deck and I love it the wider wheel base for us old skaters and I cut 2" off the nose and made it look old scool Indy 169 and SPF 62 Rool the Pool skate made has the wider wheel base as well 18"
  • it sucks that lansdowne is how it is now (i live in maryland) i skated lansdown when it was free and didnt have to wear pads and all that jazz it sucks the city took it over or whatever
  • Yeah Bill, I agree about how much better Lansdowne used
    to be compared to now, it does suck w/the pad nanny nonsense.
    Totally stupid. Hey man, hit me up if ya wanna go skating
    some time,, I'm in N Harford county.
  • i live in dundalk i go to charmcityskatepark (it is right down the street from me) u should come check it out sometime! yea lansdowne is a mess!
  • small world! I know Jason@ Charm City a little (from the downer of all places),
    haven't been there in a while, for some reason whenever indoor riding is required,
    I end up hitting Sk8 of confusion out on rt 40 (guess it's closer, not like its bigger).
    My aunt & uncle live right off Dundalk Ave on Bessemer -By any chance
    do you know Scott Otto of Basement Skates? He told me some time ago
    Charm City was relocating to Dundalk, I thought it was still next to the
    O'donnell St bridge?

    btw Bill, do you know anything about an indoor park w/bowl down south
    around the Bowie area (not the outdoor one), possibly associated w/a shop
    called Velocity?
  • i have known jay for almost 12 years, yea soc kind of sucksi went there once for a punk rock show i helped put together so i was able to skate there for free and participate in the demo,soc isnt too far from me,nope i have no idea who he is but i know of the company,yea charm is moving to dundalk (wise ave to be exact but the shop is already up jay is just waiting to build his warehouse for the indoor park and get the cement for the outdoor park...that is right he having both!!!) and it is still on o'donnell street! i heard of velocity but no idea about that other park in bowie all i know of is that outdoor one.
  • wow, that's really exciting about the upcoming park - can't wait.
    Supposedly, the upcoming park in York PA & improvements to OCMD
    bowl are gonna be happening too. Is that girl who runs the SKATEPARK
    OF BALTIMORE site having any luck getting anything built? I sometimes
    hit Carroll Park a little, think it's fun to roll around on, but in all honesty,
    get sketched out by the neighborhood at times (5-0's always got some
    bangers on the ground seems like)
  • stephanie and all them is doing good they still got a long way to go but everything is going good for them which stokes me
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