Re-issues for 2009

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Any hints on what will be re-issued this year? I just start riding again on my 80's Skull and Sword (silver). Would be great to retire this deck and replace it with an identical one. Also, any chance of making new tail bones and nose bones?


  • it's a mystery until the catalog comes out so NO ONE knows and tailbones and nosebones will be a no go cause what is currently in stock is all the original products so once they are all gone that is it! so u better get ur hands on them while u can!
  • Cool. When do you expect the catalog to come out?

    I'll keep scanning the web for parts, seems like everyone has tail bones in pink...
  • a silver skull and sword would be nice especially with a blue sword. as for the catalog, it will probably be about three weeks till the new catalog come out with all the updated items. and the plastics, like bill said, they are all NOS and once they are gone they are gone for good. sorry for the bad news.
  • I've got a red sword one myself, but could definitely go with a blue sword. How's that new black concave Skull and Sword?

    Do you know a good source for plastics? I'm looking for black or red...
  • ebay has all kinds of shit sometimes prices are ridiculous though id like to have a ripper and skull and sword on a modern street shape but wont happen the skull and sword has been my icon since i first started skating haha it was my first shirt and and hat i got the shirt up on my wall i bought like 5 of them bitches
  • the concave is nice.if you have a shop near by you should go and check one out. id say its a great concave for that shape and together they make for a great riding board.
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