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Any plans for reissuing Bones wheels? Like these 64mm ones



  • those are killer. ill pass the request on. there are no plans at the moment to reissue those but thats a nice Beamer they are attached to
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    Yeah that beamer is sssswwweeetttt!!! And are those old Trackers I see?
  • Speaking of wheels, my 97a Rat Bones, some wheels have lil scuffs/chips I guess, nothing major, would this affect me on a wood or concrete ramp?
  • Im curious, what are the wheels that the bones brigade uses in Animal Chin? Also the wheels used by Tommy G in the beginning of Future Primitive? ALSO lol, what wheels are the Bones Brigade riding in Police Academy 4 skate scene? (google Police Academy 4 Skateboarding). In all of these instances the wheels look too big to be Rat Bones, not same shape as Cubics. I THINK they are the regular original Bones that came out in late 70s/early80s but that doesn't make sense since all of these instances are either 1985 or later. Any ideas?
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    all those guys skated different wheels at different times/ rat bones/ crossbones/ cubics/street rats/ etc.. and even then.. they had access to special "team wheels" the general skate public did not have access to... however.. i think tommy g has rat bones in future primitave/ as for chin i know for a fact hawk and mcgill used crossbones quite a bit/ or t-bones. depends. toooooooooo many possibilities my man. =) i can tell u for a fact that mullen used freestyle wheels in his short scene in chin..(he he)
  • Were T-BONES out during animal chin? And i was always bummed that mullen had such a short part in animal chin, anyone have a clue why the master himself had such a short, kinda lame, part in that video?
  • T-Bones came about a year or more after Chin.

    Mullen was a freestyle guy only back then. Street skating hadn't really evolved. Honestly my crowd really kind of giggled at the freestyle parts on the videos, thinking it was kind of lame. Technical, but lame. Looking back now, I can appreciate how revolutionary and evolutionary it was.
  • true. freestyle was not looked at as being cool even in the 80's when it was an option. anyone that even tried to compete with mullen usualy failed. i thought t-bones came out around the same time.. i guess i could be wrong.. either way crossbones were defenetly in. thats for sure. =) and ... (still the best wheel ever)
  • 85a red Rat Bones please.
  • How about the Orginal Cross Bones?? Circa 1987/1988 - I always loved those.. Any thought of re-issuing those??
  • I liked the Cross Bones II's myself.
  • ive asked numerous times now............ ahhhhhhhhhhh. still waiting...........................
  • Cross Bones II's are just too easy to get NOS for just about original MSRP. I've order three sets from in the past few months, and they have plenty of duros and colors in mint condition.

    The OG's are what I'd love to see. One of the best wheels ever.
  • If they had them in the color I wanted in the duro I wanted I would not have asked. Oh well.
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