deck shapes & sizes

i have a stupid question. why is one end wider than the other on your decks and other companys the same size from end to end. im just curios because i just got a blue mag letter deck and im not sure which is the front of the deck, or does it really matter. thanks


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    well thats really not a stupid question at all. there are a lot of people that dont even realize that their boards taper to narrower in the tail. there are many different factors that account for shaping a board in that manner. some of the shape comes from the early days of skateboarding when the boards were shaped like surfboards and were flat with a elongated tear drop shape. another reason could be that its what works best for the research and development squad, meaning the team. they ride many different shaped boards and tapered seems to work best for them. some guys will enjoy a symmetrical shape and others will like a wider nose to help scoop their ollies or catch the board better in the air. cabs board doesnt really taper except from maybe a 1/4 inch. thats just his preference. there are a few reasons that all make sense but as for your question of which way your board is supposed to point, the nose will be wider than the tail. i hope that helps you with your questions. thanks

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