new steadham colorway?

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any word if the colorway is going to change for the stedham next catalog??? i dont have that deck yet and holdin out for a better colorway.


  • no word yet. i should know by friday or next monday for sure.
  • Does that mean by next week, you'll know all of the 2009 re-issues?
  • yes, but not the ones that will be out after the September trade show.
  • Gotcha. So new decks are released twice a year, spring and fall??

    I'm hoping for some cool freestyle decks this year...
  • yea, thats pretty much how we do things, unless there is a need to do catalog changes at other times.

    as for freestyle decks....we will just have to wait and see what happens.
  • I like the green Harris that is out now, so unless there is a Mullen chessman this year, I'll probably go ahead a pick one of those up.
  • just asked and the harris is staying lime. the Mullen is not in the works but maybe someday it will be.
  • Does this mean the new catalog will be avaliable for mailing next week??
  • na that catalog wont be done for a little while
  • But will there be an announcement of what new decks will be coming out? Photos on the website perhaps...
  • nope not until they get stuff done so it will be awhile before they figure out what they want to do next
  • there wont be any new decks this catalog i have been told. there will be about 6 decks that will receive a color change and then something special to make lots of people happy.
  • Any news reissue wheels?
  • ive heard nothing on the wheels yet
  • I hope the suprise is a new shape and snakeskin for the McGill Skull and snake!!
  • So when the official date for releasing the new colors and something special?
  • Paul, 3 posts above yours is the answer to your question.

    most the new graphic are now on the website and can be viewed but not purchased. it will probably take us a month or two to get all the new graphic decks out. under decks, the "Powell Peralta" section has all the new decks viewable. that should tell you what the surprise is.
  • i went to the decks page you mentioned but I couldnt tell which one the suprise was???????
  • powell classics are now powell peralta for the daily double alex. thank you
  • that new steadham colorway is one of the best ive seen. nice job. i will finally buy one for sure now especially with the full powell peralta on it. great work guys!! = )
  • ill pass around your thanks Nick. Happy you dig it
  • when is this baby gonna drop? i want one!
  • its probably a month or more away and the colors are going to be different than advertised. its going to be close to the original color but the spade may end up blue.
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