Wheels and Trucks for a Freestyle Board

Looking for some suggestions on wheel and truck combinations for a Kevin Harris Freestyle set up. I want to set this up for my son (he's 5), so the lighter the better. I've looked at a lot a boards, but since I started out with Powell, I didn't feel right getting anything else for his first board.


  • Man try Socal.com. Then search trucks for 7 inch width. they have some Tracker, GK and ACE all in that size. As for wheels if he's gonna use it for "regular street skating and such" you could get and small wheel like 49-53 mm (especially SOC wheels!). With that small of trucks and wheels, weight should be kept to a minimum.
  • Definitely looking at some of the Bones wheels. I assume that the re-issue decks use the new truck bolt pattern??
  • yes, they are the new bolt pattern.
  • What size wheels did they use in the 80's on freestyle boards?
  • probably 55-60 mm, little wheels were not really made yet in the 80's
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    I'm still not used to how the newer "little" wheels look. The 60mm Rat Bones II's look better to me. I would also like to try some of the newer Bones STF wheels, could go with a 60mm in those. Anyone tell me the difference between the two?
  • cwalker3,

    In that size, those are definitley the ones I would go for. Do smaller wheels really make a difference?
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    I think with a 7 inch board, a 53mm wheel is going to fit just perfect and it will look nice too. A 60mm like the RBII's are going to add some weight, and when you look at the board it's going to be all wheel. Going by memory I think the RBII is going to be wider and bigger than even an old school freestyle wheel.

    If you want to go with a more classic old school setup, these are very close to the old Powell freestyle wheels:


    (From here):
  • yeah the old freestyle wheels would be the shizzle! Check ebay also, I saw a few sets on there last week.
  • So from what I can gather from "oldschoolskates", the original freestyle wheels were in the 57mm range. The Bones Rat Pack 53mm are starting to grow on me. Now if only can work a deal with "skatewarehouse" to get a couple set up during their 40% sale.
  • Looks like I missed out on the 40% off deal at SkateWarehouse. Going with SoCalSkateShop for the Kevin Harris now. They have everything I was except for the tail bones. Still on the fence about which wheels. My son likes the looks of the white Rat Bones II, so I may just go with those. I can always get a set a rat packs later...
  • It's here... Fedex just set me an email that they delivered my board. Now I just have to wait 5 more hours to go home.

    I'll post some pics once I get the tail bones in and mounted.
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