vato rat!!!

man im lovin the "bones" on the top of the vato rat instead of powell. and the full powell peralta log on it almost brings a tear to my we just gotta make that thing a liiiiiiitle wider.. say.. 10" wide? and flatten the nose.square off the tail.. yeah... that will do it. then ill take 3. thanx =) looks really good though... long over due... nice job guys.


  • no prob. but im keepin my fingers crossed for the original pig shaped vato. the popsicle doesnt do it for me. were half way there now =)
  • we have passed the word on about that one so the people who need to know do. i want to see the dayglow orange with black rats personally.
  • me two. that sounds perfect!!!!!! lets make it happen people =)
  • haha rad! is this the start of the orange vato rat petition?
  • I was watching Bones Brigade I the other day. When Peralta pulls the Vato out of the TV, it made me want to smash my TV and pull out a sweet k15 version of the Vato popsicle with some STF's on it. "That's not a skateboard. THIS, is a skateboard!"

    So yeah - K15 that sucker!
  • just got my peralta hipster - sweet deck -
    totally agree that the k-15 concave is awesome-
    the graffitti ripper is something I've been looking
    for for awhile now, other companies have similar
    dimensions, but couldn't quite pull off the S.O.C.
    magic: I AM STOKED!!!!!!!!!
    I say make the vato along the lines of the hipster,
    only without the stinger sidecut, not quite a pig,
    not quite a popsicle either.
  • Hey cwalker3, you mean like this? That was my inspiration too!
  • that board is sweet!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks nick. OO
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    yeah no prob.. is that yours? if it is.. its pretty f'n awesome. either way.. the picture is great! thats pretty much exactly what i want next.. i just dont want to pay for the vintage one.. im hopin for a re-issue. i wasnt into skating again yet when they did the last run..(in the REAL shape not a popsicle!!! =( i dont even care what colorway at this point. i just want one... its one of those boards i always admired as a kid.. but i always got somethin else instead.
  • THAT is a skateboard!
  • Just spied one of these on Craig's List for $75. Looks to be in decent shape, appears to be white (maybe silver). Just the deck and rails.
  • Yeah nick, its mine. One of my favs for sure.

    Oldschool, are you gonna grab that one on craigs list> if not let me know.
  • I'm not going for the one on Craig's List... It's in the Raleigh, NC area if you are interested.
  • Damn that craigslist board is right down the street from me. Might have to get it!
  • You little snake noskool...LOL.
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    all of california is on the lookout for old decks. its so rare to come by old stock skate stuff in thrift shops or yard sales here.
  • zowenso you grab it if you want. I was joking! I'm too broke form the new SPF's and Nikes I bought!
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    nike 6.0's rule. i love mine. (sorry bill.. i know u hate them) =) but those f*$%ers know how to make a good shoe!
  • Yeah I got the Blazer classic low for $39 bucks!
  • Hey noskool or oldschool....can one of you email me about helping me get that vato? =)
  • I live about an hour west of where that Vato Rat is. How about you noskool?
  • noskool said he was right down the street. were all cut from the same cloth, help a bro out....LOL....please?
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