vato rat!!!



  • uh oh...did i do something wrong?
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    no. bill's just upset about the nike comment =) he'll be ok. dont worry. $39 bucks for a pair of blazers?? thats cheap.
  • Opps I thought they were Blazers, now I see they are Classics but still $39 bucks for a pair of shoes is great. zowenso I sent the seller an email. I'll let you know if he contacts me. Bill I like Airwalks, just Nike gives me more padding in the sole it feels like.
  • well whatever floats ur boat lol
  • Thanks noskool. keep me posted!
  • saw the post on skull & bones forums about opinions
    on new powell catalogue, some of those guys are harsh,
    huh - anyway, there's a few on there who are definitely
    sick of seeing the vato rat as a popsicle shape - I think
    the peralta hipster's a step in the right direction, I've been
    riding mine around just on the icy parking lots lately, and
    really like it, especially forward of the stinger side cut up
    to the (perfectly) tapered nose. I'd like to see a vato along
    these lines, just with a hot rod flames-ish (rounded) tail, &
    maybe a 15" wheelbase... performance wise, it'd feel good
    on tighter, smaller trannies, even some pools.
  • we will hopefuly get the vato in the classic 10x30 pig shape soon.. as for the more modern shape/cut away i dont see them doin that. but.. theres always hope =)
  • yea Cap, some guys are really unhappy with what is going on but as you and most people know, you can make everyone happy all the time. this catalog had the Powell Classic change to PP which stoked lots of people out and will be a lot of work for the art dept. the next catalog will have updated shapes and hopefully all new graphics. we are hoping to do limited release decks every few months to make the not so happy a little less unhappy. but traditionalists will always want things the way they were. no one can argue with that.
  • we have passed the word on about that one so the people who need to know do. i want to see the dayglow orange with black rats personally.

  • yup. bring it.
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    Bring back the pig!

  • yea thats the color way we would probably do. ^^^
  • yeah except this time it will say bones at the top and peralta on the bottom!!!!!! i want one. =(
  • hey jess.....any word on this possibly happening?
  • i have sent the request to the art department for them to submit in up and coming art meetings.
  • Love the Vato Rat...I have an old 80s original vato on eBay as we speak. Had a guy offer me $1,500 for it and I think he's gonna take it. Who'd a thought it would bring that kind of money! I bought it 15+ years ago at a hobby shop in was left over when the new style decks came out.
  • cause baltimore is where it's at!
  • BLIEVE that!
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