pics of the new catalog?????????????

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did anyone notice the downloadable 09 catalog!!!!!!!!!!?? let me get this straight cuz i wanna make sure im gettin this right! first of all theres a new cab stencil mini colorway?? and a mini.. and i mean..MINI micro hipster? the shirts all look awesome the ripper shirt finally says "bones" instead of powell il be stockin up on those puppies.. and the kicker......(no pun in-tended) your adding HEEL BONES !!!!!!!!! (for those that dont know heel bones are mounted to the top of your deck under the griptape for more"kick" really.. old school.must of found those in a box in the attic somewhere) i never saw that coming.. by the way the silver vallely and orange steadham are waaaaaay rad. =) so is the blue reject...very cool. =)


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    oh my god.......... just saw the hoodies and workshirts!!!!!!!!!! re-dic-u-lous-ly awesome. =)
    i still cant believe the heel bone picture... i so totaly want one of those thats so insanly random i still dont believe its in the picture........
  • Looks like all the "Powell Classic" stuff is now Powell Peralta!!! This is GREAT NEWS!!
  • Looks like the mini/micro Stacy and mini Cab stencil are 'completes'.

    I remember Heel Bones, but never ever knew anyone who used them.
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    yeah heel bones were more of a gimmic really, but just the fact that they are in the catalog is a pretty cool thing to see again .
  • Only people I ever knew that used Heel Bones were Freestylers.
  • yeah like i said.. they are gimmicky. a sucker for that stuff =) i dig em.
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