just built a mech dragon!

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just built this thing like 5 minutes ago.. gonna shred it tomorow in the bowl. hope its as good as the barbee death of ragdoll. well see........



  • That looks sweet. I'm digging the green wheels and rails. Nice "old school" grip tape...
  • thanx man. =) ............. well see how it rides..
  • That looks killer! I am stupid tempted to build one up myself.
  • good job as always
  • I wish I had mad griptape skills like that. Best I can to is a patch of clear over the top graphic so it does not smear.
  • Sweet board man, Im thinking of getting one myself. Let us know how it rides. One question Nick , are those rat bones or g bones ??
  • they look like G bones to me.
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    thanx guys.. =) they are g bones. and. i gotta say.. nothin beats spf's i cant go back after ridin em. g-bones are too slick on masonite. which is mostly what i ride, especialy in the winter. but i love the green on that deck alot.....oh well... the shape is good though, but the longer nose on the barbee is somethin ive grown a custom to..just feels a little bit more stable. their both good. cant beat that k15 concave. its tha s@#t !! there was a guy at the park today with an underhill and it was signed by him. he said he met him at eastern skate supply about a month or so before he passed away, and when he signed it he said ray told him to skate that thing and not hang it up! he was shredin it in honor of him.which i thought was pretty cool. god bless....
  • That is so sick! I skated with Ray down in Wilmington a year or so before his passing and he was a kick ass guy! And Nick your right nothing beats SPF"s. I like the classics for color and that oldschool look and feel but when it's time to get down to bizzisness SPF's rule the pool!
  • They make the Rat Bones II's in PF I wonder why not the G-Bones.
  • welllll PF is not quite the same as the SPF formula
  • Ahhh learn something new every day then. I have not tried either so I didn't know.
  • Nice ride Nick
  • What size tailbone does that deck take?
  • Thanks Nick, I was thinking it would take a 9".
  • no prob. i actualy put an 8" on it after i shot those pics. very slight overhang on edges... i mean SLIGHT, hardly even noticable. i dont know if theres an slightly smaller size than 8.i dont think so. the 8 looks good. il post the pic when i get a chance. 9" would be waaaaaay too big. =)
  • I know this is REALLY late, but how do the g-bones do for cruising badly cracked streets? They're 97a so i have my doubts...but the guy at the skateshop said they're just as good as the ratbones but you can powerslide better. Input?
  • true. g-bones slide better. rat bones are better for cruising. especially the 85a ratbones.
  • GBones in my opinion are better for parks and ramps and some pools and ditches but for street they may be a little hard and heavy. for the street my favorites are the Skull and Sword, Rat Bones I's, and the cubics. 3 different wheels completely but as you know everyone has their own taste.
  • Indeed, back in the day I skated street with 97a or harder. The T-Bones I had for Vert were 95a. Go Figure.
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