Risers height on K15 Concave

What size risers do you recommend with K15 concave decks if I was running the 64mm G-Bones and Indy 169's?


  • how loose are your trucks?
  • I'll probably go with hard or medium bushings. My older decks all use 1/2" risers, but wasn't sure if the K15's concave would allow for something slightly lower.
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    u want 1/2 " with g-bones or u will get wheel bite with loose trucks. i use slim risers on my ragdoll but i also have spf's on it which arent nearly as big as the g-bones. the g-bones are such an awesome lookin wheel/ especialy the graphic on em but man...no good on masonite. slick and slow.. =(
  • im running 1/4" risers with 59mm wheels, loose trucks and the wheel bite is minimal. 1/2" should be good for your wheels.
  • ecvjohn seems to be about right.
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