What makes you happy?

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I know this is a fluffy topic that will make the Dr have a stroke, but I was just wondering in your daily skating life, 'What makes you happy?' It could be learning a new trick, or buying a new deck. It might be still being able to do the tricks you did as a kid, teaching someone a trick, or searching out new skateparks like Muddy. It might be getting over an injury and being able to skate again, being on this forum, or making your own ramps like ppk187. The list obviously goes on, and it may be a number of things. A penny for your thoughts…...


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    Hey wake I'll be your PR manager so you don't sound so emo; "What makes you stoked?"

    I'll start with this - Every time I see a PP graphic on an old school shape that's not a pig I'm super happy... err stoked!!!
  • Lol HawkHair, yeah, you can be my public relations manager if you really want to, maybe I've been listening to too much Placebo lately….I just didn't want to sound like a fire, hence happy! I went for a skate to today, and I realise I'm not getting younger, but watching some late teens playing S.K.A.T.E., and couldn't even ollie up a normal height curb, then I approached it slower than I should've with my Ripper pig, and popped an ollie, height was there, and so was distance, and I landed nicely. So I thought to my self, I'm happy that I can still consistently do what I did as a kid, and I have also picked up some newer tricks and confidence in that time which also makes me happy. Pushing my kids along on their boards also makes me happy! :-)
  • Slappys make me happys.
  • I don't know, I think being stoked and being happy is different.  If I land a new trick for the first time, I am really happy, and it is like an exultant feeling, but if I see a dope new spot or a good video part, I'm not exactly happy, I'm more like anxious and stoked to skate.  

  • Seeing my son more excited in the morning for a skatepark trip than Santa's arrival.
  • The other day we were cleaning up the front counter at work, we had a Ford octane complete on display. It's a crappy 7" popsicle covered in plastic to protect the grip tape and graphic, hand tightened trucks. One of the guys made a comment about me doing something on it. So for giggles I threw it down, jumped on wearing 8" combat boots and popped a beautiful kickflip. I don't really do flip tricks anymore, mostly curbs and whatnot. So I never expected to be able to do it. Plastic covering the grip tape, wobbly trucks, and combat boots. I was pretty stoked I was able to do it without blowing out my ankle. Might not be a big deal, but I was pretty happy.
  • when skateparks/shops have cookouts
  • Wake loves a good sausage sizzle
  • A good meat meet?
  • A small amount of my happy list:

    Sleeping in
    Virgin lounge LAX & Syd
    BBQ ribs
    Anything lamb
    BBQ salmon
    KFC 24 nuggets for $10
    Coco Pops & sultanas
    Darrell Lea choc orange balls
  • Wow, Doc, you found something to like at LAX??
  • You eat sultanas on coco pops? Weirdo
  • 1) Boardslides
    2) The female form
    3) A Super Big Gulp of Diet Coke
  • You see Slips, people buy Sultana Bran & always wish for more sultanas than is in the box, I dont wait in life queue of hope like most of you, or for Kelloggs to get it right, I simply add a few to most of my cereal.
  • Still..I stand by my comment. Eating sultanas on coco pops is weird
  • Would the sultanas sinks to the bottom creating two layers?
  • I'm sure a portion would float - a portion would not. Much the same as sultanas in other cereals
  • Floaters? lol
  • You guys are fucking wierd.
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    I had to look up sultanas to figure out what the heck was going on here. In the US it's Raisin Bran and eating raisins with coco puffs sounds wrong... just wrong! That's part of the reason doc is so angry and bitter, he's screwing up the most important meal of the day.
  • p.s. weird not wierd
  • Ah, raisins. Raisin Bran can be good.....with heaping amounts of sugar!!!!!!

    Other than that...F raisins!

  • Oh, thank you William.
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