Airwalk Rising Son?

Sorry if this isn't the proper place to ask this question, but I know there are a lot of old school skaters here, so I figured I'd ask.

I have been wearing out my last pair of Airwalk Prototypes, and am looking for a new pair. I'm not about to spend $200+ on more old shoes....they were $30 when I bought 4 pair 10 years ago. Anyway, I noticed on the Airwalk site they have a new style for Christian Hosoi....I am assuming due to the logo. They are called the Rising Son. They look like the original high-top style Airwalk's, the pre-prototype style with the pterodactyls head on the side of the shoe.

Anybody try these out yet? I'm thinking of just buying some Vic's...but if I remember correctly, I didn't really like them back in the day.



    Here is a good shot of them.
  • Ummm, Hosoi rocks Vans, my man...

    Airwalk just wants to look cool... by copying.
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    i can assure u we dont want to "look cool"...we are bringing back all the o.g. airwalks soon so u may see the prototypes again in the near future u can always check ebay for them they always have good shoes p.s. alot of skate companies use the rising sun graphic so it doesnt really belong to hosoi it belongs to japan :P
  • yeah Bill is right the "rising sun" is a Japanese thing not Hosoi's, so he can't copyright it, unless it is the graphic that says Hosoi in the middle of it.
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    true. and thats really cool if airwalk is bringing back the o.g shoes..hey bill are they gonna make the old airwalks with the shoelace cover again?? those are awesome for skating halfpipe when you slide out. i think they are called the "vic" ?? not sure... i loved those shoes.
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    here they are........... =)


    BEST SKATE SHOE EVER!!!!! (for masonite halfpipe/pool at least)
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    well we may be making them we got them on the website so it is a possibility! i cant say for sure it will happen but i think it is something that might happen in the near future there were talks about bringing back alot of the hightop old school shoes and the classic 2 tone color shoes that we had out in the 90s (even with new colorways) but ill probably call them up tomorrow and see what is going on we dont have our beginning 09 stock out yet because the manufacturer is so f-ing slow we should have had some out by now but maybe the little kids over there arent doing their jobs lol or are on vacation
  • "Ummm, Hosoi rocks Vans, my man..."

    Oops, my bad. I just associate the "rising sun" with I put two and two together.

    Either way, they appear to be the old style Airwalk's...pre-Prototype. I really don't care about the logo, per se. I just want a new pair of Airwalk high tops, I LOVED those shoes. About 10 years ago I bought a few pairs of Prototypes on eBay, back when they were bountiful. Now they go for $200+....I am NOT about to spend that much on a pair of shoes I am going to tear up.

    Bill, you say "we" work for Airwalk I take it? Can you give me a peek into the future? I would LOVE to see the original high-tops come back, the ones with the pterodactyl head on the sides and lace savers. I switched to prototypes, specifically 600* blue and whites. I would LOVE for Airwalk to come back out with those styles. I wasn't a fan of the Vic....didn't feel the same.
  • airwalk/vision is my footwear sponsor... as for the future like i said all that i can tell u is that we are bringing back the 80s and 90s airwalks and reverting everything back to how everything was in the beginning and possibly have new colorways for them as well that is about as much info as i got haha we are also re-structuring payless and geting rid of alot of the crap there since we took them over about a year or 2 ago we are still waiting on our new stock to get made so until then we are fresh out of shoooooessss so id say just cross ur fingers and hope for the best there is about a 80 percent chance u will see o.g. airwalk hightops again but how long they will take to get made is the question!
  • Wow, Stacey's back and now Airwalk are bringing back the best skate shoe's ever made!!!
  • 80's flashback man!!!
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    these are pretty rad if you ask me. =)
  • those are sick Nick!!!! + you got the oldschool sticker mmmm nice.
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    i called them earlier but my buddy wasnt in his chair im going to check again if no answer then ill call back tomorrow ill definitely ask about the prototypes and the vics
  • That would be awesome. I'm hoping both the prototypes AND the earlier style, like Nick posted, both come back.
  • those arent mine..... =( i just found the pic online.. but i would buy em fooooor sure! =)
  • If this momentum keep's up, we'll take back the real culture of skateboarding and bring back all that was
    rad about the 80's to show the young dude's how it should be!! When Powell Peralta and Airwalk were the
    only company's that mattered!.....oh and Independent! In my opinion anyway!
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    alright listen up everybody i just got word in from airwalk and this is exactly what was said this was from via myspace...ur welcome!

    "----------------- Original Message -----------------
    From: Airwalk (103245081)
    To: G.U.S.T SK8 CO. (170591034)
    Date: Feb 11, 2009 6:24 PM
    Subject: RE: 2009 Airwalk Team News!!

    Think you're looking for B. He's out of the office atm. Vics have no plans as of yet, protos just went out, should be hearing some news on those soon, so I'll keep you updated there

    ----------------- Original Message -----------------
    From: G.U.S.T SK8 CO. (170591034)
    To: Airwalk (103245081)
    Date: Feb 11, 2009 4:20 PM
    Subject: RE: 2009 Airwalk Team News!!

    while i have ahold of u some friends of mine wanted to know if the vics and prototypes were going to be re-released"
  • SO Prototypes are coming back? Hell yea...that's AWESOME news.
  • Hopefully they are the 600 or 500 series, as opposed to the Velocity or Disaster series....but I guess beggers can't be choosers.
  • cool. lets us know when boss. thanx
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    Dammit! i was on the airwalk site and they have the Vic's on there.. and i got excited for a sec.. til i realized it said "europe only" crap!!! =(
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