I Think I Figured Out How To Make My Vans Half Cabs Last Longer...

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I love Half Cabs. They are perfect for my wide, hobbit - like feet. Anyway, I ride goofy and have a bad habit of wearing down the area on the ball of my lead foot way faster than the rest of the shoe. I tried many things to prevent / make this take longer and all failed. I then came up with an idea. Instead of waiting until I wore thru the sole to apply Shoe Goo, why not do it when I first get the shoe?. It would fill in the waffle sole and theoretically make the shoe way harder to wear thru because there is much more material to wear thru. I tried it and it has worked. The shoes are lasting much longer. All for the cost of a $ 5.00 tube of Shoe Goo ( works for about three shoes, two coats per shoe ).


  • Great idea.  Preventative maintenance.  I'm a firm believer in Shoe Goo, but I've always used it after the fact.  I'll try your idea on my next pair of shoes, though. 
  • Smart idea Casty
  • That's brilliant
  • This is a good trick, but do you really want to keep doing it to your new shoes?
  • If he is doing to new shoes, and it makes them last, say, 50% longer than if he was doing it to old shoes, then in the long term he is actually doing it less. Prevention is always better than cure imo
  • I know why they don't(money), but if I was a shoe company making skate shoes I'd be concentrating on the balls and heels to make them more durable and the other areas more flexible. So with Vans, instead of that one pattern along the whole sole, have a dense section at the heels and balls to prevent wear. I remember a certain brand of Australian school shoes(remember we have uniforms) had a pattern reminiscent of an animal paw print in those areas whereas the rest was a pattern of lines for grip! My Nike Sb's have a dense circle under the balls!
  • So far, I have three sessions on one pair of Half Cabs that I Shoe Goo'ed before I started using them. The Goo is still in tact and I have not even touched the actual sole of the shoe where the ball of my lead foot prematurely wears them out. The Goo holds much better if it has the waffle texture to adhere to. So far, so good.
  • Makes sense Casty!
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