Favorite trick you land no problem

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Mine 360 judo


  • For those who remember the story, Ollie one foot.
  • haha it is flashback friday after all and i think even if i was 80 i could still land a fs shove
  • Tail stall back revert.  

  • Swith front 360 on whatever transition. I love talking that same basic trick to switch front D to rock n roll.
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    Speaking of ollie one-foots, did you dudes used to leave like an inch or two of your nose ungripped so you could kick your front foot off without getting hung up, lol?  We did that in the 90's.  Probably about time to bring that back, ha ha...
  • I never did that, but I was always very focused on nose tricks. For a while I couldn't do normal shove it's, I could only do nollie shove its. I did turn my front bolts upside down to clean up my ollies.
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    To this day I can still only do nollie shuvits.  I should brush up on my ollie norths, ha ha.  Been a long time.
  • Frontside 180 boneless on banks/ditches/flat and nose manuals.
  • Yay, old school Kyle, I can relate. Some times I feel the way I skate I should eat a Snickers bar ;-)
  • Boneless finger flips, 180 no complys.
  • Powellboy! Bb showed me how! ;-P
  • I can slam on any terrain at any time. I have had that dialed in for a while.
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    I also slam no problem, but only frontside.
  • I can fakie no problem. But I think they should be renamed 'Bieber'
  • Ghostbuster, that is so true. I was trying to take only frontside carve lines in the bowls this weekend. I kissed some concrete more than once. Stupid frontside.

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    When I was a little kid I was having some trouble with bullies and my parents signed me up for karate.  I only took about 2 weeks of lessons before I quit, and dealt with the bully by pulling a knife on him.  But in karate, the first thing the sensei taught us was how to fall, and staying for those 2 weeks and getting basically tossed around and slammed on a mat over and over helped my skating more than anything else I've done on the side, including yoga.  
  • You're lucky he didn't pull out a gun. Martial arts also taught me about falling but I still broke my collarbone three years ago :-\ better than breaking my head or neck though
  • That's true, those are the worst places to fall.  A collarbone will heal in a while but if you get your bell rung enough that can cause permanent drain bramage.   

    The bully was bigger than everyone else, so no need for a gun when he could just throw his weight around.  I was the one who had to bring in the "equalizer."  

  • The reason I mentioned the gun thing is because the amount of kids you guys have over there that go columbine on peoples asses :-(
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    Oh, this was before all that started, in the relatively innocent 80s.  Though there was gun selling going on at that same school, no one was bringing them in and shooting up the place yet.  That guy just moved on and found someone else to pick on.    
  • Collarbone sucks though. No way to stabilize it, stupid figure 8 harness while the halves of the bone move for a few days. Been there, sucks hard.
  • You speak the truth Chris
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    I thought I broke my collarbone once. Turns out it was a separated shoulder (full sep.), and it took me 2 YEARS to recover to 90%! Yeah, that set me back...

    (Separation is not a dislocation, it's when your clavicle separates from your scapula - essentially anyway. An AC ligament tear.)
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    I never went to the doc for it, so I have nerve damage in my hand and an ugly scar from where a security guard hit me with a baseball bat.  That is my worst "skating injury."  
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