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Time to start our new monthly Forum giveaway!!  Each month we will come out with a new way for you to show your Animal Chin in you.  Winners for each month will be sent a new product from Skate One.  We have some ideas on contests, questions, etc... but we want to hear from the forum members. Any great ideas?  Let's hear them!!


  • Hey hey I like the sound of that @animalchin Let me think for a minute
  • Sounds awesome! I'm psyched!
  • "Longest wait filled by guessing about new graphics"

    For the most verbose guesser.  

    Prize:  1-color chartreuse McGill snake+skull reissue w/o snake pattern

    "How many reissue decks can you go through in a month of regular skating (no plastics)?"

    For those who just keep coming back to that well.

    Prizes:  1 modern PP Pop deck and 4 reissue decks of the winner's choosing 

    "Car?  No, thanks.  I'll Take My Horse." Award

    For the most virulent opponent of Pops.

    Prize:  12k gold plated banana board  

    "Best Selfie"

    For those who enjoy a pleasant stall.  

    Prize:  NOS Vision Street Wear fanny packs for life
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    The amount of trash you talk about Skate One products on here should disqualify you from winning anything, troll.
  • "Coach's Choice"

    For those who know skating has rules, just like forums and football.

    Prize:  A brass plaque inscribed with the winner's choice of regulations
  • Awesome!

    How about some Bones Brigade trivia questions?


    First person to post a pic of a certain PP/skateone product that they own. For example, first person to post a picture of a set of bombers wins.
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    I like Kyle's idea - first person to post a pic/vid of something. A product, a skate spot, video landing a trick, video/pic of a trick using a specific product, etc.
  • Trivia is always fun, too. Like, who said, "Well, yapple dapple!" in a PP video? Stuff like that.
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    There is a set of Bombers like 15 feet away from me, but I am too lazy to create a social media site where I can post a link.  I feel excluded from this proposed contest, which is otherwise sort of a rad idea.
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    You should be excluded from this forum entirely.
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    hmm best trick contest,trivia,best powell board collection, best powell tat and a name this graphic and prizes could be a special one off custom graphic board or wheel of their choice or a powell product with their name on the graphic i really like that idea of posting a photo of a certain product they own but let's also hear what the company has thought of
  • Person with least number of forum alias' wins a prize? Person who has never been crapped on by the Dr wins a prize? Person who has had to pay the highest amount for a pp reish deck retail due to crappy exchange rates wins a prize? I still reckon Sharky's survey should've netted him something. Stupidest reissue suggestion(Steve Saiz, me me me Kam!!!!!!) should most definitely win a prize ;-)
  • Trivia is tough because the Internet makes it easy for anybody. I mean my wife could Google "yapple dapple" and come up with the right answer. Unless they did more deeper questions like name the artist, album, and song from a specific video part. But even then McRad and Chuck Treece would cover most of those. I'd lean towards things like they do on Twitter, have the members give a story about their first deck or trick, or something like that. I fancy myself a fairly decent wordsmith so naturally I'd lean towards an idea like that.
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    yea i can write alot as well ive done editor type of stuff before but let's school activities to school

    p.s. let's make a pact that we tell no one on facebook or any social media sites about this and we keep this contest to ourselves so we all win something at some point ;)
  • I've been out of school so long I actually look back fondly. Do you know how long it takes to go from "I hate school" to "I really miss school"? I don't know, but it's a long damn time.

    Art contest? I really suck at art and wouldn't win shit, but I like seeing skate art by others. Especially that guy who does wood burning decks, these are awesome.

    Oh I know, how about a contest to see who can get off topic the quickest. I'd have that locked down.
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    Well that's ok bb then because I think it's silly if pros ride different decks than what they are pushing because it's akin to a Mike Veeism! ;-)
  • hahahaha clever
  • Do I get a free deck then Kam? ;-)
  • You're not Kam bb. Or are you? ;-P
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    na i wish
  • Could do something like fantasy skating when certain contests come up. Like the vans bowl contest. Everybody pick their top 3 and the scores, closest to the actual results wins.
  • that is a good idea as well
  • Good idea, but we all know Chris Miller is going to win.
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