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Hi, I saw the ATF wheel section in the 09 catalog. What can you tell us about the wheels!? Are the Softcores being discontinued? Where do the ATFs fall between softcores and the DTFs or are they just the softcores rebranded?


  • atf means all terrain formula and not alcohol tobacco and firearms haha
  • they are the same as the soft cores but with out the NC-17 rating. ba-dum-chhhh

    but really nothing has changed but the graphic.

    but seriously bill we do have a 40oz graphic, had a smoking fish, and now have the buckshot graphic. theres your A.T.F.! haha
  • LMAO SOC that is too funny!
  • stoked to get a chuckle out of you guys.
  • i got nothin........ and i usualy got somethin to say.. that was pretty god d#$m funny.
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    but really nothing has changed but the graphic.

    SOC, is the formula exactly the same? I've been riding a new set for a week now, and they feel harder than my last set. I don't know if it's because these ATFs are a little slimmer (34mm vs the older 37mm). Maybe it's in my head, but the new set feels less bouncy and isn't as ninja-quiet as my older softcores (but still quiet). Anyway, I am loving these wheels. I switched from softcores to rainskates 95a tsunamis because I was looking for something a little harder. Rainskates rock but I decided to go back to the ATFs - I just haven't ridden anything that I like as much. Anyway, this new set feels a little firmer and is just about perfect. Was just curious if the formula and build of the wheel was the same since '07.
  • dang thats a good question. i did notice after posing above they were slightly slimmer but we have also been working on making them a bit more resilient to the core popping out from powersliding. that seems to be the only thing that may have changed but ill ask around. another thing is sometimes batches may come out one or two dero ratings in either direction. you may have possibly gotten a set like that. its really hard to say but we try to keep super high standards on the quality of our products. sorry they are a bit different Dante
  • Hey, no apologies needed - both sets are awesome, I just prefer hardness of the newer model vs my old set, so it's all good!
  • think u need to check the price on these jess.. $8.99 for a full set?
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    those are the only ones we sell in singles hence the price but when you add them to your cart automatically 4 are placed in there. also in the cart title it says each but we made it so you would have to remove wheels to get less than a set. we kinda stupid proofed it so on one can easily purchase just one wheel.
  • ahhhhh i see. i didnt add to cart..thats why. intresting. =)
  • Hey there Dante & SOC, could you tell me what the ATFs feel like, ride wise? I was curious if they rode like the 85a formula on the rat bones (which feels different than the Bombers in the same 60 mm size). I am wondering if I am missing out on some technological leap forward in urethane formulas, y'know? Looking for a multi condition wheel, for non ollie based, total street domination. Not a squishy "cruiser" wheel, but not a hard 90+ wheel that makes me have to carry my board around. These ATFs feel quick, or sluggish? You riding bearing wraps, or larger than 56mm sizes? Another odd question, do they feel heavy? I thought my DTF 60mms weighed a ton. Fast, but heavy.

    SOC, no what would be the berries? If you had loaner wheelsets that we could sign out!

    Imagine that!
  • Hey Peg Leg, I'm riding them at 56mm. I can't compare them to rat bones, but I can compare them to other "soft" wheels, such as Earthwing Superballs, which people seem to dig. The ATF formula, in my opinion is amazing. Most of my skating is ollie based so I need a wheel that isn't bouncy or squishy, but, like you, I can't ride hard thanes. I skate street more than I skate spots. I tried Superballs because they came recommended as a good hyrbrid wheel, but they squished out on landings and even manuals where turning was involved. I gave Rainskates Mini-Tsunamis a go at 59mm 95a thinking 95 was what worked back in the day. Great wheel, but still felt too hard on bad surfaces. But the ATFs give me the best of both worlds. Hard enough for control on ollies and flips, but soft enough to hit any kind of pavement. I have swiss in them now, but even with reds they ride plenty fast. FYI, I'm riding the Bones ATFs - I know they use the formula in the Powell lineup as well.

    Also, if you like to ride a bigger wheel they have 60mm softcores on sale in specials for $20. Good opportunity to try them out.
  • yea they ride super smooth. all of our filmers use them while shooting. they are great for pretty much as good as it gets for riding rough terrain. they will also break loose and slide if you need them too which is not a normal characteristic of soft wheels. i like them and have a set of 60's on a reissue board for some rough ditches. the only thing is they are not good for down hill because like most cored wheels the hubs can pop out with enough side pressure from powersliding.
  • Peg Leg that would be a great idea but i dont know if i can make that happen. sorry man!
  • Thanks Fellas.

    Question for you SOC, is the 80a formula the same across your wheel lines?

    A friend of mine has the Bombers in 60/80a, I could borrow those to try the formula out. Diff would be the core, I suppose - cores usually make a soft wheel ride a little "firmer", yknow?
  • Are ATF's at all like the DTF's?
  • Cwalker the ATF wheels are quite a bit softer and cored. DTF wheels were a 95a with out a core and a bit wider.

    and Peg Leg the formula should be the same with the differences being in the core and the overall shape of the wheel.
  • Thanks. I'm familiar with the DTF's, but I recently switched mine to 85a Bombers, and like the ride better in bowls. I might try the ATF's.
  • just wondering, are you guys talking about riding these soft wheels is bowls at skateparks or backyard pools and such? If you are riding concrete parks bowls, then by all means rock the SPF's. They are the greatest wheel on the planet for smooth crete. For rough streets, the DTF or ATF would rock.
  • Funny, you guys are obv younger than me - "soft" to you fellas means 95-97a! When I say "soft" I am thinking those old, green, kryptos that were 78a! LOL!

    I have a set of DTFs, they are OK for the little cement parks and bowl riding (though they make my knees ache) but they are not so much nice for street riding. Street here being defined as Metro Boston grade, crap asphalt htat can only be appreciated by fellow Northeasterners or that cat from Chicago who is occasionally on here. And, like dante said skating "street, not spots".

    Rat bones 85a are my usual, but I was beginning to wonder if there'd been some urethane miracle since the 80s, where the Soft Cores at 80a might ride similarly to the Rat Bones w/out weighing as much. A few months ago, I picked up a set of "vintage 80s Street Bones" 60mm x 35mm @ 85a on Ebay. I have a feeling they may be roller skate wheels, but damn, they feel great and are light! As they are too narrow for a normal bearing spacer, I KNOW that I am going to pop the bearing seat out on a slide, so I think they are looking at a limited life span.

    What I want is to capture the light weight, narrow profile and fast roll that they have in, perhaps, a more modern formula wheel that would work for every riding situation I might encounter on a day outside in the world. Also, there is 0% chance of me hitting any ramps or large format parks, so I really have no need for a wheel for those kind of conditions - one wheelset really would do it all for me.
  • I think the ATFs would be right for you. Sounds like you want a 60mm wheel, and the ATFs are 37mm wide at that size compared to Rat Bones which are, I believe, 44mm. (I don't think the vintage 80s wheels you picked up are from the 80s - no wheels were 35mm back then) So what you have is a wheel that still rides soft, but is lighter and responds faster thanks to a more modern shape. I'm in NY, so I'm skating the same crap crete you're used to - ATFs rock it.
  • I ride soft cores and love them. I ride them at the parks and on the street. My old body can't take the hard wheels. I just bought a set of 60mm here on sale for $20. Can't beat that deal.
  • OK, I decided to get some of these. I got the new 56mm 'ATF' branded one's. (Not 'Soft Core')

    I've been searching and searching for a setup that I can use anywhere. I skate street, skatepark, and an old school concrete bowl (Landsdowne).

    I've settled on a 8.375 popsicle shape, with Indy 149's, with these ATF's. It's *almost* perfect.

    They're soft - soft enough for the rough concrete in my bowl. But they ride like a street wheel, in that they don't feel too mushy. They're fast. It's a nice, modern, shape. They're light.

    My one complaint - and it might be a deal breaker - they don't slide. Well, they slide, but you've got to push it REAL hard. And when they do slide, it's a real sticky slide. 85a's slide like butter compared to ATF's.

    I really like the shape and the ride, but I wish they slid better. I think my perfect wheel is a 56mmx34mm shape, in the DTF formula.
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