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  • yea we recommend not to slide them because you risk blowing out the core. mellow slides shouldnt be a problem but if you really start hucking slides they typically wont last. if you have rough pavement or concrete you ride you can always try the oval dragon wheels that are pretty close in shape. they dont have a core and are only 5 points harder which will allow you to ride the rough stuff but still bert it out if you have to. just a recommendation. you may never blow a core which lots of people dont but just giving some heads up if it happens. if the core does blow out send them in so we can inspect them and try to get you a replacement set.
  • "I think my perfect wheel is a 56mmx34mm shape, in the DTF formula." Yeah, I never had a chance to skate DTFs because they got 86'd, but it sounds like that was the magic formula for a softer ride that would still slide. My ATFs released better after a couple of weeks, but like soc said, you won't be bombing hills and sliding with these wheels because of the risk of the core popping. Still love them, but, yeah, wish they slid better.
  • Where do I find the Oval Dragons?
  • DTF's are awesome, but they were a little fat and heavy for my tastes. I like the slimmer wheel for flipping and stuff. The ride is PERFECT though. They're a little sticky too, but they definitely slide well enough.

    I like to kind of really torque into my grinds in the bowls with a bit of a slide - you know, really power into it - so I miss that with the ATF's.
  • Dante you can still find DTF's just Google "Bones DTF Wheels" You'll find 56,58,60 and 62 sizes. Get em while they last.
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    Yeah, you can find them if you look hard enough. They are definitely drying up though.
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