Vallely Farm board & Popcicle Vcj Elephant



  • the Blind Powell spoof decks with the skull and banana is sooo funny!
  • yea we had a few good ones for sure.
  • The Blind ripoffs are just epic. I want the Lee sooooo bad.

    The Powell blind Ripper would be a close second on my grail list.
  • the blind ripper is a great graphic.
  • those are great shapes, tapered nose & tail, are real
    clean, I love boards shaped along clean lines like these...
    It's funny, to me this early 90's period was kind of the
    pinnacle in performance meeting aesthetic, they function,
    they look good, classic/timeless even. It's the right blending
    of old/new school, function AND fashion together in a good way.
  • I love the top graphics with the triple P and the name thru

  • yea i like those too
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    the waage is would be sick if that could be a custom feature for when u buy a board....u could get the triple p on top with ur name going thru it i bet that shit would fly
  • i totaly want a "spesia" tripple p logo custom on a ripper. there you go!!! u should give the option of a top graphic on the ripper since its a team board anyway.. not ever a pro model and you could charge probably another 15 to 20 bucks to have your last name in the tripple p logo on top. that shit would fly.. no doubt!
  • Hey Sk8punk... why are you posting MY photo of MY decks and claiming them as yours?
  • Im not. I am trying to get a bug going to get these reissued. I do not have the perks that you have of being Mikes right hand man. Thats how you where able to get your hands on these decks.
  • Just keeping this fresh, I still think the Barnyard would look cool with the multi coloured winged ripper
    if it ever get's re-issued.......actually, l'd love to see ALL re-issued board's with the multi coloured ripper
    on top.
  • i need to ask mike if he ever rides the old reissues of his elephant graphic sometime
    (i should say that the reason i know him is that he is my teachers cousin)
  • I'm sure he was selling one on E bay that he'd ridden, it was the yellow colourway if my memory is correct.
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