My Ripper Tattoo!

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I dont know why i waited so long to post this....but.. heres my winged ripper Tattoo i got last needs to be re-colored but.. il get around to it at some point.....anyway,here it is...nothin says" powell peralta for life" like a Tattoo!!!



  • man thats legit! thanks for sharing!
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    No prob. P&P for life G!
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    Damn SOC that's free advertising for life right there! Nick you are hard core man!!! Mike V did that with Element, maybe if Powell gets him back, he could get the Ripper coming through the Element Tat!
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    yeah....... wheres my stickers?? wait.....i should get a deck for that at least right =)
  • at least a deck. I'm thinking ink for life = Complete!:)
  • i like the way u think noskool. =) just re-make the mcgill snakeskin deck already and send me the first one printed in bitchin hot pink and purple and well call it a day. =)
  • it would be even sicker if it was on ur back or at the small of ur back
  • im saving my back for the mullen chess skeleton graphic. =)
  • I want to see a Ripper coming out of somebody's forehead!!!
  • yeah but not a tattoo.. for real!! =)
  • "just re-make the mcgill snakeskin deck already"

    no. well maybe. ha

    im pushing for it
  • i know u are... appreciated =)
  • That's an awesome tat, great placement. I'm still deciding on what graphic to go with. All my tats are parts of my life, and I HAVE to get something skate related. I'm thinking the PP logo, possibly the street bones wheels logo...maybe flammable bones. But I think in the end, it will be some sort of Future Primative design.
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    Thanx man =) i had the sticker in my truck one day last summer and i just walked in and showed it to the guy and he was like..thats cool as shit.. ya wanna do it now? uh.. sure..and there u go. yeah ive seen alot of great powell tatt's. i wish i had like $5k to just piss away on em cuz if did..i think id do like a whole "VCJ legacy series collage" on my back in full color. it would be like carrying around a classic skateboard collection with me at all times... id have to have a bottle of vicodin to sit through that though.!!. your back is so sensitive. i have 5 now and they all hurt. maybee im just a wus =) but... i do have a barbell piercing in the back of my neck which hurt like a mutha!! my girl has 13 tatt's and 3 of em are really big. her back is almost is in a tattoo magazine.. its pretty rad. =)
  • women have a way higher pain tolerance. i watched my girlfriend get one on her wrist that is full color and takes up her whole wrist and she was just sitting there smiling, giggling, and making jokes. i had to leave cause i felt like a wuss. i have my last name on my lower back which hurt like a mo-fo but i plan on getting something else pretty soon.
  • yeah.. i had some work on my left wrist. that sucked a whole bunch,not gonna lie.
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    so wait jess... i just realized..... you have your last name tattoo'd on your back.... and your last name is BEER!!.. thats pretty f"n cool!!!! wish my last name was.... "vodka" or something cool like that.. =)
  • thanks man. "its the name they gave me", as Spicoli would say.
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    ha! lol! i just got an image of him hitting himself in the head with his checkered vans shoe..
  • Awesome!That's really a cool tattoo design .
  • That is cool. Tattoo Designs are awesome!!
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