Truck size

I just got a board that measures 9" @ front truck and only 8.25" @ back truck. What truck size would you recomend I use?? Is there a general rule used for selecting truck sizes when the size isnt the same all over like a popsical??


  • ummm maybe tracker 149's? if anyone has a better guess or better option post it up.
  • Yeah a 149 will be your best bet. It'll be a little short in the front, and a little long in the back, but thats all good. This happened all the time in the 80's (like with the street Cab) we called it Lizard Feet cause the stick out like a, well you get the picture. With popsicle shapes people are generally concerned with flip tricks and such, and having the trucks line up with the deck helps control rotational G forces (sorry to go all science class) but with side cuts on a board, it is not so important.
  • "sorry to go all science class" lol =)
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