Riser size

I ride firm trucks, not to loose, not super tight. What size risers would i need for 60- 64mm wheels?

thanks for your help.


  • i personally like the half inch with a 1/8 shock pad. that is for my 60mm spfs with medium bushings. i weigh about 180 if that helps too.
  • Thanks man. Yeah I weigh bout the same. So you use a 1/2" riser plus an 1/8 Shock pad? Thats a nice high ride!!
  • I ride fairly loose (Bones Hard on Indy with the nut on just past the lock washer) with 56-58mm SPF's. I use 1/8" pads and don't get much wheelbite. It's what ever you need to not get wheelbite but still not so high your monster truckin it! But for those size wheels, I would go with around 1/2" to 3/4".
  • I'm ride pretty much the exact same truck set up as noskool, and
    ride 62spfs-64 bowl bombers; for what seemed like forever I always
    used 1/2" risers, then about 2 years ago went to the angled risers
    tracker puts out - they're good for turning without wheelbite, only
    keep in mind they'll stick your kingpin out a little further when grinding...
    I actually started using 1/4" risers about a year ago, & after some
    initial hesitation got used to the little bit of added responsiveness
    that comes with being "lower". It's kind of detail that can mess with
    your mind if ya let it, but I agree w/noskool that personal preference
    will make all the difference - If ya play around with varied set-ups,
    you'll find what feels most comfortable (I'm always experimenting,
    usually after I've been static with one situation for awhile)- if anything,
    it keeps your mind open to new possibilities w/older equipment
  • half inch plus.. another 1/8th? that seems really high.. i crank my trucks super tight the top bushing is mush.... i tried loose the other day.. just like captaind said about trying different set ups when things get stale.. i couldnt get used to it. maybe i need to give it another chance but.. ive always tightened my trucks down alot.. i just feel more in control that way.
  • "If ya play around with varied set-ups,
    you'll find what feels most comfortable "

    Bingo. its all personal preference when it comes down to it.
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