SOC making new friends for us all!

I skated with Oldschool today. We had a great session at our local park in Raleigh. It was so cool, dude shows up with a sick Slasher and incredible Ray Bones "snub nose". After about 30 minuets I asked him are those reissues or originals. Guys both were originals in great shape and with era appropriate gear. Tracker Ultralights and Oj's and G Bones abound! It was sweet to skate with a fellow SOC Head and see that vintage gear. Oldschool look forward to our next session.


  • that's so cool - if I had to name 3 things that keep me so
    stoked on skateboarding, I'd say 1st & foremost the absolute
    freedom it gives you, in so many killer ways. 2nd, the
    artistic expression combined with adrenaline rush (lots of
    things have one or the other, skating's so unique cause it's
    so individual). Lastly, but certainly not least by any means is
    the great people one meets along the way who share the
    character & experience in such related manner(s) - I can't
    name the amount of times I've been to a skate spot & someone
    says, "hey there's a party" "I know here a cool pool is", or
    "you guys need a place to stay while you're in town?" I've literally
    made friends for life through skateboarding: people I haven't
    seen for years, when we do catch up, it's like we just saw each
    other yesterday; surfing's not like that, more like "you're not a local,
    huh, bra' " that's why dudes like Jay Adams & Christian Fletcher
    rip so hard, they do both, & it shows...
    awesome story, noskool meets oldschool, "film at 11"...
  • thats pretty cool man. it would be cool to meet up all with all you guys and just have a sick session somewhere together and just hang out and skate.
  • yeah it was a fun time. We should all have an SOC skate jam kind of like the OMA BBQ's
  • bones brigade burgers,future primitive hotdogs,animal chin steaks,ban this potatoe salad,public domain subs,tropical fish seafood,hot batch cookies,propaganda meatloaf,chaos drinks

    is that one bad ass menu or what!?!?
  • that rocks, What about Fun Fries!?
  • you for forgot strip mall hereo's strip steak.
  • and then a axe rated movie?
  • steak is already there..who brings french fries to a cook out!?!?!? i never had fries at a cook out hahaha
  • True no fries, how about Fun Fajitas?!
  • well it should of been.... animal chin chips.. just so you know... =)
  • lol oh how about won ton won tons :P
  • Definitely was good to meet NoSkool and some other local skaters. NoSkool, thanks again for the use of your pads and helmet, I think I put a few good hits on all of them... Also was good to finally skate that Slasher on some ramps. Twenty years ago I got it in my head that I was going to start riding ramps, so I saved and put together the best board I could. Somehow in the drive to get everything together, I failed to realize there were no ramps to ride where I lived. I guess better late than never!
  • thats epic! good times guys.
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