Top Graphic on new Ripper

Does that new green and black ripper have a top graphic? How does the nose compare to the pool ripper? Now that I've skated my vintage boards, I'm thinking I'll build a practice board to bang up while I'm learing to ride...


  • hopefuly it does have a top graphic...ive been waiting for that for a while now. the nose on the pool ripper is basicly like a popsicle shape. the black/green ripper is a pig shape...but it does have a kick nose. i have the "classic" version of the ripper..and its not a k15 concave,but its skateable. im sure the new one will ride better with k15, i can tell the difference in concave, but maybe not everyone will..matter of prefrence. its hard to compare cuz one is 8.5" the other is 10" as well.
  • It looks like just what I want. It's got a slightly longer wheelbase than the Mech Cab, so I'm hoping it will be more stable for pool riding. How do you find your Mech Cab rides?
  • to keep the cost of that one down i dont believe we will be doing a top graphic on it at this time.
  • Is cost the only factor in a top graphic or not? If so how much could it be? Just wondering, I love the top graphic!
  • Same problem with the wheel wells too im sure, cost.
  • its hard to say. if i was head of production i could tell you exactly why. the decks that have the top logo now go for 69.95 compared to 65.00 for the ones that dont. so i guess 4.95 is what it costs to have a graphic on the top for the end user. i will add that to the request list because i think right now would be a great time to mention changing that up for the next catalog. that way all our reissues would be the same price across the board. thanks Noskool
  • I love the top graphic, l think it finish's the board.It's the reason l love Powell Peralta board's so much.
  • yea its definitely good looking. i like the verities that it comes/ came in. like the winged bulldog or the underhill version with the skull wearing the hat.
  • the mech cab is growin on me bigtime!!!! i skated it sunday on a 3ft mini and 6ft pool. im lovin it now.. i figured out that the g-bones have to be broken in on some rougher pavement forst not right to the park form the shrink..other wise they take to long to break in.. they stay slick it feels like. but after skating em in parking lot for a bit. then back to the pool. way better.
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    "I love the top graphic, l think it finish's the board.It's the reason l love Powell Peralta board's so much."

    i dont believe i could of said that better myself.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ charge the extra 4 bucks or 5 bucks. i dont think anyone will mind. it completes the board.
  • Thank's Nick. Throw 10 buck's extra hey! I don't care! As long as you colour it like the winged ripper shirt's that you have.
  • its on the request list
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