Mini-cubics vs Rat bones

okay heres my deal, I'm standing on a reissue gonz with indys and 95a lime green mini-cubics. Now I'm all about old school style (and I've done my fair share of coffin carves down some killer hills) but I also (since I'm 14) like to do some ollies here and there. Anyways I'm wondering if I swap out my mini-cubics for some rat bones if it will help with my pop because its kinda hard to even get over one board with them cubics, except I love the way they look.


  • yeah it will for sure without question help with ollies to drop the cubics and add the rat bones. the rat bones arent the lightest wheels in the world..either...but much lighter than the cubics.. which will make all the difference .and most important in my humble opinion.. they just handle better because they dont have all that bulk added to em the cubics do. rat bones are better suited for that gonz anyway.. just for the shape alone of the ratbones compliment it in stabilty.
  • Thanks Nick.
    And also I'm thinking about retiring that gonz and picking up a cab dragon :).
  • Yes, you want Rat Bones instead. Like Nick said, it's a better match too - Mini-Cubics are from the pig era.
  • which cab dragon?
  • The chinese dragon, it looks so killer!
    but I have to scrape up some money first XD
  • rad! you will dig that set up with rat bones
  • Thanks for the recommendation guys, just got my Rats today, they skate great! I can't wait till I break them in completely.
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