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Quick question, you folks are the manufacturers of all things Powell and P&P correct, so volume really shouldn't be an issue? So, I'm wondering why "Blems" in the specials department seem to be $5-$15 more expensive than can be had at other on-line retailers new-non-blem? Good example is the Rose Bones deck I picked up for $60.00 (not including shipping) and then found it new unblemished at an on-line retailer for less. Another example is the current Positiv Team blem going for $69.95, when I found it on Amazon for under $60.00 new with free shipping? Now I have received some deals on Powell wheels from here, but overall I don't see any advantage in shopping the specials area unless it's a discontinued or rare item.

Other than that little gripe, awesome products...


  • all items that goes in the specials area are discontinued or blemmed
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    heres my opinion... i could be wrong but... yeah ive noticed the prices here may be "slightly" higher. but only a "few bucks" and on certain some that may be a deal breaker but.. what i can tell you is you wont get the same service you get from skateone at "most" other on-line retailers,nor do they have the product knowledge, guarantee of workmanship,or overall availability when you have general questions about current,past or upcoming product. i order products from here pretty frequently and very few mistakes have been made..but they were
    "ALL" corrected in a most timely manner and i was sent free product for the inconvienience which was a grand gesture and one of appreciation you dont always see very often. i dont mind paying a few extra bucks for great service and you will always get that here. im not trying to sound like a kiss@ss and i dont work for powell, this has just been my experience and opinion.
    hope that helps =)
  • I agree. I generally don't visit here as a first choice buying option, primarily because of price.

    That said, this site almost always has the best selection. If you're looking for something current, chances are they will have it. The service is great as well. It's nice to have a guaranteed "I know I can get it here with fast, friendly service" shopping spot.

    Why are the prices higher? I'm sure that Skateone doesn't want to undercut their vendors. That would be a huge mistake.
  • good point cwalker3. undercuting thier vendors would be a HUGE mistake..
  • I'm sure Skateone would give you a lower price on decks, you just need to order the same volume as their vendors. Maybe try ordering 500 or more decks next time and see if you get a price break ;)
  • cwalker pretty much nailed it with oldschool being pretty close too.

    we do have a agreement with our shops to not undercut them and leave the majority of the sales field theirs. another thing is that we have a msrp that we can present to the accounts to show what we are selling them at and then its up to them to either raise or lower their prices how they see fit. shops do tend to order larger quantities of goods but they also need to have the shop, resales license, and all that other retail overhead that we dont so they have to offer a lower price to sell more to make more. thats why we have that agreement.

    i hope i answered that clear enough but thats the basic idea of why our prices are a little higher.
  • OK thanks, makes sense about not wanting to undercut your vendors. I'm just a cheap skate (har har) and was experiencing sour grapes about the deck price difference. :-) Plus since everything in there is discontinued or blems as brigade_bill mentioned, that pretty much shatters my first thought about the volume thing.... I can see your opinion too Nick. Some great folks on this forum... Thanks again.
  • no prob. everyone on here is usually pretty helpful. if you have a question ask will get answered by someone. =)
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