Powell team.

Who actually rides for powell, as far a pros? just cab and wainright? and i dont even see a board for danny anywhere? How come there arent more pros? Always wondered that. More money for the company? How about Am's? Curious about the pro thing.


  • cab and wainwright. thats it. and that is a GREAT question zowenso..im waiting for the "official" answer myself. nice job!
  • So with Powell Peralta now back in action,it would be cool to to start up a new Bone's Brigade. Cab as the squad leader
    of course.
  • cab is doing the powell peralta thing now
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    read the interview i posted a few months back

  • Cab will be the only pro on any Skate One brands. he will be on Powell Peralta and Danny is no longer a Powell team rider but he will still be supporting the company.
  • Wow danny is no longer a team rider but still will support the company? Thats the strangest thing i have ever heard. So he's not on the pay roll but is still riding powell stuff? man thats sounds like a great deal for you guys. Such a big company and only one pro, why is that? Do you guys rely mainly on the re issue stuff? What about am's? Are these guys never going to have the chance to go pro? Seems like a dead end for someone who wants to make skating their career.
  • they have an awful lot of signature wheels =)
  • Yeah thats true^^^^^^^I guess that off sets the lack of pro decks.. Hey nick, i know your the gorilla ribs man..LOL...do you have a used blue set around? Ive been looking for a while.
  • no blue just pink. sorry
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