Powell Peralta Wheels in SPF/PF

Hey guys, I see you poured the Rat Bones II in PF - please consider pouring the Mini Cubics and/or the G Bones in PF as well. The modern urethane in the clasic profiles would make great wheels for riding your reissues.


  • that would be a fast wheel for sure. i will pass that on. thanks
  • yeah i second that. old wheels look great but.... not as skateable as the new formula. those wheels are ment to be skated. =)
  • Damn right, would be a modern-classic, if you will...
  • Thanks soc. You'd sell a ton of them.

    The mini cubic in SPF/PF would be insane with all that mass . . .

    Rainskates is making a profile similar to the G-Bones in an spf like 'thane that is selling like hotcakes. Real G-Bones would do even better. ;)
  • we already make a few classic shaped wheels in PF, the Steadham, the Bombers, the Bowl Bombers, Bowl Riders, and Rat Bones 2"s. but i will pass on the request.
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    yeah... but the problem with all those wheels is they all suck. (ha ha) just kidding...no seriously.. nothin completes a classic set-up with some rat bones or g-bones the "bigger wheels" that were made for decks like the skull and sword or the vallely...etc. they would however...be just that much cooler and more skateable with a faster formula like the"pf"... a minor gripe, no big deal.
  • The Bombers etc still have a "donut" type profile.

    I'm tellin' ya - you'll sell a zillion mini cubics in pf - and you don't have to pay me a royalty ;)
  • cubics in pf will cost more because it is a more high end urethane. but i did send the request to who needs to know. it would be fun to at least try out a set to see how they work on concrete and wood.
  • they would be fast as f$%^ ! it would be interesting for sure to say the least.
  • bump. Any word?
  • no word. your request has been submitted.
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