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Now that I'm getting back up to speed with the skating, I think it's time to retire my 20+ year old bearings. The Bones Ceramics are a bit out of my price range, so I am trying to decide between the Labyrinth, Original or Super 6's. Right now I'm most concerned with speed as I need every little bit I can get to hussle my old board around the bowl. Thoughts? I'm riding an original SC Slasher with Tracker Ultralights and OJII's.


  • yea thats a tough one. the labbys are better for when your riding a dirty spot and keeping out all kinds of dirt and grime but if your skate a pretty clean park or streets the original swiss or the 6 balls will be just perfect for you.
  • Oldschool I ride the super 6 and they are sweet. I like them cause they are stronger with the fewer and larger ball bearings inside. Honestly I am psyched to try the new Ceramic Reds!!!
  • hopefully the pricetag isnt too much
  • the Ceramic Reds are unreal. they are going to be a step above the standard swiss and a step below the swiss ceramics. 70-80 dollars and absolutely worth it.
  • What's the benefit of using ceramic bearings? Longer life, higher speed?
  • Yep and Yep. Ceramic allows a bearing to be "perfectly" round unlike steel which dents. Also ceramic rolls smoother than steel hence more speed. Damn did I just say HENCE?!! Got all medieval on ya'll!
  • yea the bearing itself is lighter which equals faster acceleration. the balls are also harder so that will also give you more speed and act as a self polisher when the bearing gets a little dirty. not saying you will or should never have to clean your bearings but they will help remove any rough spots that may occur. the balls also will not rust but the races will if subjected to water. so no power slides through puddles guys. they are perfect for guys who want to step up to the ceramic swiss but due to the small financial crisis the world is in, may not be able to afford the 100 dollar plus bearings.
  • damn so much for the hoping of a 25 dollar price tag haha
  • Sounds great. When can I get a set?
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    the super reds will be around the 25-35 dollar range. ceramic just isnt as cheap as it used to be. sorry bill

    we are currently taking back orders from shops so we know how big of a p.o. to write up. i think lots of people are going to be hyped on the new price points of these two new bearings. super reds fills the void between reds and swiss and the super ceramic reds fill the void between the swiss and the ceramics. we are just making it easier for skaters to have a fair chance to ride the highest end bearings they can afford.
  • Do you have any hard data that compares the different bearings? Maybe RPM's achieved with x force or something like that? Longevity ratings?
  • nothing like that at the moment. possibly in the future. great idea!
  • I think it would help. Goes faster and lasts longer are too vague when you are comparing bearings that start $18 and go to $140. Especially if the ceramics are considerably faster than the other bearings.
  • that kind of detailed data/information we have to keep in house. plus our bearings do speak for them self.
  • all of our bearings are fly wheel tested and physically hand inspected as well. you can find some cheap ceramics out there but they are using either a zirconia ball or a sintered ball. we use a hot isostatic pressed ball for a better material strength and superior surface finish...
  • does bob "the bearing guy" from the 90s still work there
  • no Bobs around here, just a Isaac who has gone down hills faster than pretty much 99 percent of all living creatures. hes also known as "Bearing Guy"
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