The one thing you wish you had back?

I want my silver, Lance Mountain Crest board that was stolen. It was rad, I was a loyal Mountain rider. My first PP deck was a black and red, XT, FP. Then I went through a series of FP, both mini and regular. When the Crest board came out, I ran out and bought it. Silver, G&S trucks, Street Bones wheels.....AWESOME board. A bunch of my buddies and I went down to Miami to catch the Swatch tour. It was pretty lame, but hey skating wasn't all that big down here at the time...and it was pretty much the only thing that happened down here back then. Skated Miami all day long, then hit the show. Right before you entered the seating area there was a booth that took your board and gave you a numbered ticket to get it back. The booth was RIGHT next to an emergency exit, and I told my buddies that I wasn't too thrilled about leaving my board there. But nevertheless, I had no choice. Well, as I feared, some dicks grabbed a bunch of boards and dipped out the exit during the board was included. I was so pissed, I walked around the arena for the longest time just HOPING to find someone riding my board. Needless to say I never found it. The promoters gave all of us who had boards stolen a voucher for Island Water Sports for a new setup.

Side note to that story, one of my buddies palmed his ticket when he got his board...and used it to get a free setup. He stood with me while I was turning my ticket in for a voucher...I had no idea what he was doing until he told the guy that his board was stolen too. He gave him his palmed ticket and got a voucher. We argued the whole ride home that he was no better than the person who stole my deck. He kept saying that he was only screwing over the promoters who deserved it. I kind of agreed with his reasoning...but still.

To this day I have never seen another silver Crest deck for sale. I would love to get my hands on one.


  • no doubt about it id love to have back the soc shape 22a
  • "The one thing you wish you had back?"

    my careless days of being underage and jobless. eating my parents food and going to the beach all day. thats about it.
  • dont forget about that east coast weather jk
  • The one thing I wish I could get back? The years, and my knees...
  • living back at home with my parents, not having a mtg payment, my old hot pink lance mountain with boneite, my old fly powell peralta shirt, my old launch ramp, wait..... thats more than "one" thing. =)
  • I'm still riding my old decks, but I sure wish I had the free time I had back in high school.
  • Wish I still had my pink Iron cross Tony Hawk which got stolen a while ago, was a good color match with my pink Jeep Wrangler, it was so gay and girls realy loved it :-)
  • Neck/Knees/Elbows/Wrists that didnt hurt like #$@%$ ^%^$## in the morning.
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